CAN Triennial Artist Roster Announced


The number of artists who applied to the curated CAN Triennial exhibition was enormous, and the range of their experience and accomplishment, the diversity of their techniques and perspectives all were inspiring. We should not be surprised: this is emblematic of the energy and intensity visible every week in the Cleveland art scene. In all, curators William Busta, Angelica Pozo, Hilary Gent, and Curlee Raven Holton considered 540 applications.

It is a daunting task simply to look through that number of images and statements, let alone cut the field by half, not to mention choosing from them what in the end came to just one in six artists. Scrolling through the applications, one can only be amazed at the number of familiar, accomplished artists who applied, and also the amount of skill and intrigue brought by people whose names we had never before heard. Both of those groups are rpresented in CAN Triennial.

As director of CAN, I am truly grateful to all the artists who applied. I am humbled by the volume of ambition and the interest this exhibition has generated already during this exciting time for art in Cleveland. I am also grateful to the curators for their vision, their time and hard work, and for allowing me to stay out of this difficult task.

Having said all that, it is a great honor to announce the following artists whose work will be represented in the inaugural CAN Triennial exhibition:

Leslie Discont Arian, painting

Augusto Bordelois, painting

Justin Brennan, painting

Bill Brouillard, ceramics

Kate Budd, jewelry

Lainard Bush, painting

Timothy Callaghan, painting

John Carlson, painting

Amy Casey, painting

Bruno Casiano, painting

Kristin Cliffel, ceramics

Libby Chaney, textiles

Andy Curlowe, painting

Dexter Davis, drawing

Palli Davene Davis, sculpture

Marilyn Farinacci, painting

Amber Ford, printmaking

Thomas Frontini, painting

Claudio Orso-Giacone, printmaking

Scott Goss, installation

Mark Howard, painting

Eric Hoosic, jewelry

Lauralee Hutson, enamels/jewelry

Jonah Jacobs, sculpture

Joyce Marrow Jones, sculpture

Mark Keffer, painting

David King, painting

Todd Leech, ceramics

Janet Lessman Moss, textile

Melissa Markwald, painting

Liz Maugans, printmaking

Sean Merchant, sculpture

Mike Meier, painting

Robin Van Lear, performance

Dana Oldfather, painting

Jenniffer Omaitz, painting

Kristina Paabus, printmaking

Steven Paternite, photography

Sarah Paul, performance/video

Scott Pickering, painting

Jessica Pinsky, textile

Darice Polo, film

Bellamy Printz, printmaking

Alessandro Ravagnan, printmaking

Katy Richards, painting

Eric Rippert, painting/photography

Dante Rodriguez, drawing/painting

Matthew Rowe, printmaking

Lisa Schonberg, printmaking

Gerry Shamray, drawing

Nicole Condon-Shih, video

Corrie Slawson, printmaking

Adrienne Slane, collage

Mark Soppeland

Jack St. John, painting

Mindy Tousley, printmaking

Rev Albert Wagner

Rebekah Wilhelm, printmaking

Nikki Woods, painting

Douglas Max Utter, painting

Eric Vaughn, photography

Laila Voss, sculpture

Mark Yasenchack, ceramics

Stephen Yusko, sculpture

Linda Zmina, glass


The following artists have been chosen to make site-specific installations in and around 78th Street  Studios as a part of CAN Triennial:


Main Stairwell, Ron Shelton

Main Stairwell, Christine Mauersberger

Ramp Level, Susan Danko

2nd floor hallway vista, Rebecca Cross

Third Floor Anteroom, Michael Loderstedt and Lori Kella

HEDGE Gallery, Wadsworth Jarrell

Roof outside HEDGE, Anthony Gagliardi

Exterior Mural, Cleveland Skribe Tribe

North Garden, Fresh Eggs Landscape Design

Main Entrance, Olga Ziemska

Main Entrance Roof, Dana Depew

Western Roof Decks, So Fun Studio / JP Costello and Erin Guido

Parking Lot Entrance, Charmaine Spencer

Mailroom, Jeff Chiplis

Ramp Level Foyer (A,) Sherry Bradshaw

Ramp Level Foyer (B), Sara Jordan Fine

Restroom Mirrors,  Sarah Curry

Mural Map of Cleveland Art Scene,  John G

A profound thank you to all who applied, and to all the volunteers and collaborators working to make the inaugural CAN Triennial a landmark exhibition. We look forward to exhibiting sensational work, and to announcing more details about programming in the coming weeks.

The opinions expressed on CAN Blog are those of the individual writers. Art is somewhat subjective. Well, somewhat. But yes, everybody's a critic.

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