THE FOREIGNER’S HOME: Oberlin filmmakers Rian Brown and Geoff Pingree’s new documentary on Toni Morrison and the role of artists as chroniclers, curators, and critics of the soul of humanity

Film still from animation of D’ de Kabal, The Foreigner’s Home

The Foreigner’s Home is author and Nobel Laureate Toni Morrison’s meditation on the role of artists as chroniclers, curators and critics of the collective soul of humanity. Cleveland director, producer, editor, animator and filmmaker Rian Brown directed the unusual documentary, a compilation of footage shot by Morrison’s son, Ford Morrison when she stepped in as guest curator of The Foreigner’s […]

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Artist/Artist: Claudio Orso

Print by Claudio Orso

Orso and Cross met in The Studio, Gallery and Lyceum in downtown Oberlin, where Claudio’s prints and ceramic sculptures are currently on exhibit. RC: In pieces from your time in Wyoming, the direction changes from politics to so much about joy, community and how you love place. We’re all as politically concerned as ever, but what do you think? CO: […]

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CREATIVE FUSION: The City as a Setting – Guillaume Leblon / Paris, France

Guillaume Leblon, Coke, mangemerde et suspicions, 2017, Aluminium, steel, plexiglass, hand blown opal glass. Courtesy: gallery Jocelyn Wolff, Paris. Photo credit: Francois Doury.

What follows is excerpted from a phone interview.   Guillaume Leblon’s art defies categorization. Known for working in many different mediums from paintings to film, hand-blown glass, and everything in between, perhaps his most successful medium is working with space itself. The spaces he creates often feel uneasy, unfinished, alienating – once Leblon moved a wall from inside the gallery […]

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CREATIVE FUSION: Site Very Specific Juan Araujo / Caracas, Venezuela

Artist Juan Araujo visiting the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Weltzheimer/Johnson House in Oberlin, Ohio.

Of all the venues to be used by FRONT International’s Madison resident artists, the Oberlin Weltzheimer/Johnson House is a peculiar one–not only because it is an artwork unto itself, designed by Frank Lloyd-Wright, but also for its physical distance from Cleveland, and perhaps the distintion of character between the city and the small college town. The Venezuelan painter Juan Araujo […]

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CREATIVE FUSION: The Political, Personal Art of Indrė Šerpytytė – Palanga, Lithuania

Absence of Experience, 2017, Contemporary Art Centre, Lithuania

Indrė Šerpytytė’s Two Seconds of Colour, rectangular painted color fields stacked brick-like in a grid, looks like a work of vibrant minimalism, and that sensibility is only enhanced when the work is presented as a series, as it was last year at the Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius, Lithuania. It’s pleasing, with a nearly lulling effect. But Šerpytytė, a Lithuanian […]

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