MOCA’s Constant: How To Engage Community?

The Artists Trust (detail) Liz Maugans

If you look at MOCA’s Constant as the Sun as a way to see what is going on in the region’s art world, you would see a sampling of wildly disparate practices. From straightforward documentation to generative exercises in community engagement, to quirky metaphor, the 10 individuals/collectives are all over the map in their motivations, their media, and their concepts. […]

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The Democracy of Print: Freeing the Ink at Zygote Press


For centuries, printmaking has been considered the most democratic of all art forms. Starting with the invention of the Gutenberg Press, printmaking has allowed information to be disseminated to the masses so everyone could enjoy and understand the communication of political, personal and societal ideas. To leverage the political discourse motivated by the RNC, Zygote delivers countless ways to get […]

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Be Zygote Now


  Artists are Zygote’s driving purpose, and the co-founders, Joe Sroka, Kelly Novak, Bellamy Printz and myself (all artists) needed the space, the community, and the equipment to survive creatively. Opening the conversation and the physical doors to Zygote led to a movement of cooperative, shared maker spaces that now facilitate community projects and programs as well as community place-making […]

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