Mansfield Art Center Features Gary Spinosa & Nina Vivian Huryn

Gary Spinosa, Messenger No. 4

“The most important quality in a work of art does not come from the idea alone, but from the innate communicating power contained and emitted through the object itself. Being charged with emotion, there can exist within an object a radiating energy. This reflects man’s sacred capacity to merge spirit into matter and make seemingly intangible tangible…”– Gary Spinosa

Spinosa’s sculpture appears to arise from the void of consciousness that exists between dreaming, prayer, and deep spiritual reflection. While any of his work might seemingly be an artifact uncovered in an ancient tomb or shrine, it is clear that these shamanistic characters do not exist in any place other than Spinosa’s own manifestations. Meeting with solemn-set eyes, smooth forms, and a reserved tonal pallet, they are quietly resolute, and manifest divine energy. While they are inventions of his own mind, they are universal symbols that any viewer can connect with. Sacred Forms: The Primordial Image, on view at Mansfield Art Center August 27 – October 8, will feature a collection of Spinosa’s work from small stones to larger portals and icons.

Nina Vivian Huryn, Riders on the Storm

In juxtaposition, Nina Vivian Huryn’s work tells playful stories of the afterlife. Her cast of mischievous skeleton characters, unencumbered by mortality, seek adventure and amusement which ultimately lead them to fall victim to their own miscalculations. “The technique of leather painting/tooling that I have developed through the years draws the viewer in to examine the illustration, rarely realizing that the substrate is leather. The technique and the incorporated objects take a back seat to the story,” says Huryn. Skeleton Rodeo, on view at Mansfield Art Center August 27 – October 8, will feature swirling carnivals, rodeos, factories, garages, and other present-day American scenes that set the stage for the skeletons to poke fun at the inevitable.

The connecting thread between these artists is not only their friendship, but their shared fascination with life and death and what lies beyond—creating artwork that challenges all of us to examine our own systems of belief with both reverence and humor. This unique exhibition will be on view from August 27 through October 8. A special showing of James L Gossard’s documentary film DIVINE INSTINCT, a Goshawk Production featuring Gary Spinosa, will be announced.

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Gary Spinosa, Sacred Forms: The Primordial Image, August 27–October 8

Nina Vivian Huryn, Skeleton Rodeo, August 27–October 8

James L Gossard, DIVINE INSTINCT, showing TBA

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