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Teaching artist Tanya Gonzalez, left, talking with CMSD school teacher Beth Claudio.

One day, I shared an idea with an artist of color. It had been ticking in my brain for too long—a good one, or not? It took shape. Soon a core group of staff and Art House teaching artists will embark on a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) journey with a consultant who will help us develop tools and strategies to guide informal equity discussions within the organization.

In my essay “Silos (Part One)” for CAN Journal’s Fall 2018 issue, I wrote, “unlike bees or the Borg, we can’t just lose ourselves in the hive mind. Understanding our uniqueness helps us each to achieve our potential. Organizational structures naturally form similarly.” In White Fragility, author Robin DiAngelo states that Americans all operate under the ideals of individualism and meritocracy. However, if we ever want to meet in the middle, we have to embrace the reality that we are part of a group. I am white, part of a racial group that has consistently manipulated power. So, we do operate in a kind of hive mind—whites just don’t see or feel it. Changing within could change the world. But, we have to talk to each other—really talk.

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