Photo Poets Retrospective

Untitled Photo by Katie Hitchings

Photo poets launched in November 2021, featuring the work of emerging artist Vivica Satterwhite, whose work was on the cover! Since then we have featured nine artists in print, ranging from hobbyists to professionals, with styles ranging from documentary, photojournalism and architectural-based work. Each photographer states their own definition of a photo poet, taking the title and making it their own. They all tell such vivid stories through their lens, and this past year, we held our first Photo Poets group exhibition at Waterloo Arts. Past photo poets McKinley Wiley, Arfil Pajarillaga, and Mansa L Bey showed work, as well as photographers Katie Hitchings and Jasmine L Golphin. The pool to choose from was not limited to past poets, but also included artists who have submitted and not yet been featured.

Early Morning Smoke Session, Arfil Pajarillaga

As a curator, my main goal for this project is to allow artists’ work to be seen and speak for itself. We celebrate and support each artist’s individual style and potential to grow. Vivica has since been in several group shows and just had a solo show at SPACES this past fall. Another photo poet, Stephen Shaum, also showed work after being featured in CAN, at Blue Sky Brews in Little Italy.

Chess Champ, photo by Mansa L. Bey

I am looking forward to highlighting more talent and storytelling via street photography in 2024, and wanted to take some time to highlight the amazing work featured in our exhibition.

Vaporbelt, Lake 2, photo by Jasmin Golphin

To me, a photo poet is limitless. They witness, document, and share visions of a city often underestimated, and dare to find its beauty.

Photo by McKinley Wiley

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