YARDS Projects presents The Infinite Mix

Photogram by Bruce Checefsky. Image courtesy of YARDS Projects.

The artists in The Infinite Mix filter and play with the absurd in a time and space that seems so damn upside-down and surreal. It is very much like the moment in which Man Ray developed his early artistic approaches during the Dada movement. Shaped by the trauma of World War I and the emergence of a modern media culture, advancements made in communication technologies (like radio and cinema) shifted Dada artists and their disillusionment to more traditional modes of art making and experimentations with chance and spontaneity. Much like today, it was a moment in history that was all mixed up.

This exhibition includes artists who focus on collage, assemblage, photomontage, and mixed media that play with abstraction, conceptual art, and surrealism. The Infinite Mix not only celebrates a diverse group of artists at different stages of their careers, but reveals their process of bringing together disparate materials to create their ideations. Through skill and care, artists juxtapose unexpected elements and concepts in their work to tell many different stories.

Artists included are Robert Banks, Bruno Casiano, Bruce Checefsky, Abigail Cipar, Elizabeth Emery, Will Grimm, Ruth Green, Elaine Hullihen, Baila Litton, Barbara Martin, Linda McConaughy, Amber McElreath, Ted Nowick, Cynthia Petry, Louis Ross, and Mark Soppeland.

725 Johnson Court
Cleveland, Ohio 44113


The Infinite Mix, March 30–May 20. Opening reception 5:30-8pm Friday, March 30

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