Improving: A Look into East Avenue Market and Gallery’s Year in Akron

East Avenue Gallery, Installation View

There is always something that can be improved.

Improving is the perfect word to describe what we are implementing at East Ave Market and Gallery this year. Here, we are all about taking what we’ve learned in the past and pushing it further—making each year better than the year before.

This upcoming season we are preparing for our new exhibitions, including a lineup of new artists and some engaging new programs. As always, we plan to highlight fresh local artists across a myriad of mediums. There are, of course, some artists that might be familiar if you are a regular attendee at our events. We are excited to present a number of distinct themes for each exhibition this year. The themes we compose will enhance the artists’ work overall, while also shining a light on their individual voices.

We began this year by looking back into our past so we can grow into our future. The first exhibition of 2023 is entitled Collected Memories. Searching through our private collection, we narrowed down the ones that each of us personally enjoyed or that represent East Ave. One such piece is called Lucid by Anika Ame. We enjoyed looking at the vibrant hues in her beautiful artwork. Although the color scheme is contrasting, the chosen colors work well together and pack a visual punch. Gazing back into the past brought back many memories for us. We hope Collected Memories has that same effect on you.

While reminiscing for a time brought us much joy, we have to keep moving forward. For our March events, we’re bringing in a unique artist whose point of view will intrigue you for a solo exhibition. In April, we’re exhibiting a group of artists whose styles differ, but they bring a sense of cohesion to the show in spite of that.

The shop at East Avenue Market and Gallery

Lastly, to wrap up our spring events, in May we will open the first Second Saturday Event of the year. Every second Saturday of the month we will display different artists and themes, incorporating more activities for visitors to enjoy—and delicious food trucks. And don’t forget to shop at our year-round market that is open for everyone to support vendors.

At East Ave we strive to do better than before. We are working hard to improve distinctive art exhibitions, activities, the market space and especially how we support our artists. We hope that you see the developments we’re making, and we welcome you to observe the transformation firsthand at the upcoming shows and events.

2290 East Avenue
Akron, Ohio 44314
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