Digital Weaving Lab Residency Alumni Exhibition at Praxis Fiber Workshop

Hope Wang, buttered tongue chokes the sky, cotton, wool, polyester, velcro, wood, 49 X 56 X 1 inches, 2021. Image courtesy of Dabin Ahn.

In a time when artists of all disciplines are riding the line between digital and analog, textile artists have carved a digital-meets-analog niche out of the history and tradition of hand-weaving. The first TC1 (Thread Controller) was invented in 1995, was available globally to individuals and universities, and was then completely redesigned in 2012 as the TC2. Since then, demand and acquisition of this tool has skyrocketed. There are more than fifty TC2s in the United States alone, and Praxis Fiber Workshop owns and runs the only open artist residency for the loom in North America.

Digital Weaving Lab Residency Alumni Exhibition features artists from the first and second seasons of our digital weaving lab residency program. These seventeen artists, who came from all over the world to use this tool, spent two weeks at Praxis with exclusive access to our TC2 loom, and all artworks included in the exhibit were woven at Praxis. The exhibition will culminate in the first conference in digital weaving since the redesign of the loom in 2012. The Praxis & Practice: Digital Weaving Conference will take place in Cleveland in June, beginning with the closing reception for the alumni exhibition from 5 to 8pm on Friday, June 23.

Molly Fitzpatrick, Red Efts, wool and cotton, 40 X 40 inches each (there are 2 weavings), 2022. Image courtesy of the artist.

The mission of the Digital Weaving Lab (DWL) is to provide a diverse and expanding audience of makers, artists, practitioners, researchers, and educators access to the most advanced digital technology for hand-weaving. Every two weeks our staff has the pleasure of meeting, hosting, and working with an amazing variety of talented practitioners from across the globe. We are thrilled to be showcasing work they made at Praxis and introducing them to all of you. We hope to see you at one of the three receptions for this amazing show.

15301 Waterloo Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44110


Digital Weaving Lab Residency Alumni Exhibition, April 7–June 23. Opening reception 5-8pm Friday, April 7 at Praxis. Second and third receptions during Walk All Over Waterloo 5-8pm Friday, May 5, & 5-8pm Friday, June 2. Closing reception at Praxis 5-8pm Friday, June 23.

List of participating artists: Allyce Wood, Amanda Thatch, Cass Davis, Elizabeth Shoby, Erika Hanson, Hope Wang, Jovencio de la Paz, Kira Keck, Laura “Jaya” Griscom, Madison Creech, Molly Fitzgerald, Sage Mtahtah, Sara Paul, Sarah Wertzberger, Soledad Munoz, Tali Weinberg, Vo.

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