Artists Join and Return to the Art Palace

Painting by Sampson the Artist, courtesy of Kings & Queens of Art

Well, all right citizens of the universe, art angels, we, Kings & Queens of Art have returned to share with you the happenings at The Art Palace…

First off The Queen of Art, Gwendolyn Garth, turned 71 on October 13, 2022. Some of you may know, and for those who don’t know, 71 is a sign of great blessings, new beginnings, the renewal of spiritual energies, and opportunities coming into your life.

And speaking of great blessings, two artists have been added to the roster of Kings & Queens of Art.

Introducing Christin Farmer of Birthing Beautiful Communities fame, who is now recalibrating her journey and birthing her Artistic Self. Christin Farmer is on what she calls The Journey to 98%—her latest project after leaving the nonprofit sector after many successes. As the founder of Birthing Beautiful Communities, she built an agency to honor birth by providing doula training and doula services to expectant and postpartum mothers, raising millions of dollars to support the mission. Christin has been featured in an array of local, national, and international publications. The Queen of Cleveland, as she dubs herself, is now on a mission to help people recover their creative genius by producing films, hosting a podcast, curating art exhibitions, writing self-help books, using her platform to support the individual journey to 98%—that is, finding their way back to their true, authentic selves and, ultimately, fulfillment.

Christin Farmer

And while not new to Kings & Queens of Art (he’s been with us from the beginning, 2014) Greater Cleveland-based visual artist Sampson The Artist has come back to work more closely with us. Sampson has been honing his skills as a visual artist for over fifteen years. Sampson The Artist, known as Pahpy (which stands for happy and pronounced papi), is an artist whose level of creativity is impeccable. His mixed media, bold, and unique style stands out far beyond any other. From acrylic/mixed media paintings to graphic design, he shows exemplary ability to adapt through creation. The vast majority of his inspiration comes from New York street artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. As a visual artist, Pahpy does not stifle himself. For him, the title Artist is a broad notion of his ability to create, and every creation is an evolutionary step exemplifying his skills/talent. His ambition and innovative charisma undeniably manifest through his idiosyncratic style, which has led to local features including, but not limited to, magazines, podcasts, and recognition on news stations. Sampson The Artist is a true artistic innovator of his era—his favorite quote by the great Muhammad Ali: “I’ll show you how great I am.”

Speaking of new beginnings, I was commissioned this summer by LAND studio to create a design for a chain link fence at Mary’s Home. It was my first time using this medium and the project was completed in October.

Don’t forget the first Sunday of every month is Artist Play Day. From 3 to 7pm all are welcome, no matter your artistic discipline! Happy Holidays from your Mothership Connection: KQOA!!!

1385 East 34th Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44114

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