Susie Frazier Celebrates 25 Years of Biophilic Art & Design

Artist and designer Susie Frazier. Photo by Chad Cochran.

Susie Frazier has been working at the front edge of biophilic design for 25 years, producing nature-inspired art inside world class hospitals, hotels, homes, and offices. Her book, Designing For Wellness, which won five literary awards in 2020, features imagery from those jobs along with her mind-calming philosophies cultivated over a lifetime of managing undiagnosed ADHD and anxiety. In recent years, some of her principles have independently become backed by science and integrated into the global WELL Building Standard, a performance-based system for certifying, measuring, and monitoring features in a built environment that impact human health and well-being.

Now LMC (Lenner Multifamily Builders), a national multifamily developer, wants Frazier’s earth-minded vision to help shape a $310 million luxury rental project they’re planning to build in the metro New York area.

The Susie Frazier Showroom inside 78th Street Studios.


Since December 2021, Frazier has been working as a wellness design consultant on a 25-person team of architects and interior designers to ensure a 50-story tower with 810 units, outdoor terraces, ground floor retail, and a public park becomes a true urban sanctuary. Her input leverages how the soothing effects of nature become integrated indoors and how every space of the property physically and emotionally feels to the human occupants inside them.


Frazier’s free-form art installations have been one historical way she’s brought this forward thinking to lobbies and corridors of many public places. Convene features 550 wooden orbs that meander along a curved wall inside Cuyahoga Community College’s Westshore Campus. Release features 162 steel butterflies that span over thirty feet up a staircase, wrapping around a corner, inside University Hospitals Avon Health Center. But the most elaborate of all were three different nature-themed installations produced for the private home of Fred and Kris Geis, images and details of which can be found on Frazier’s website.


Known for her moody and compelling retail showroom on the first floor of 78th Street Studios, Frazier offers a soulful collection of wood, stone, metal and fabric home accents handmade by the artist herself, local makers, or other artisans across the US and abroad. Throughout her career, she’s teamed up with local metalworkers and woodworkers to bring her custom designs to life. Several of those Ohio craftsmen were featured in her locally-aired TV show Movers & Makers with Susie Frazier, for which she won a 2018 Emmy® award as co-producer and host.


No matter what the project, Frazier begins by observing recurring, organic patterns nearby in the natural world. Whether it’s wood grain contours in trees, fungus sprouting on logs, or the rhythmic movement in swarms of birds, her flowing compositions are designed to ease the mind since they innately reflect the biology that lives inside all of us.

In the Gordon Square Arts District, her memorable crosswalks, pavers, and lighted benches have become iconic elements since they were installed in 2009. Even the district logo, used for over a decade, was extracted from her designs and became symbolic of the art scene thriving in this neighborhood.


When she’s not working on projects, Frazier speaks at national conferences, on TV shows and podcasts to shape the narrative about the role wellness design plays in overall human health and wellbeing. Her work and background have been profiled in Psychology Today, Interiors & Sources, Iconic Life, and Housetrends magazines, among many other outlets. Her ideas have been quoted in U.S. News & World Report and the Wall Street Journal, while she’s been a contributing writer of articles published through Thrive Global, Organic Spa Magazine and Hers Magazine.


To celebrate a quarter century in business, Frazier is reconnecting with community partners of the past to host upcoming events highlighting the values she cares about, including the environment, the maker movement, and mental health. To learn more about these activities, follow her on Instagram.

1305 West 80th Street, Suite 117
Cleveland, Ohio 44102
Instagram: @susiefrazier

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