Anna Arnold: Face Time


Anna Arnold may be most recognized right now as the guiding light of Wasmer Gallery at Ursuline College, where she took over from long-time Director Frank Frate about two years ago. Arnold’s Facebook page recently featured a sixteen second video of all the works on view in the most recent exhibit she put together, “The Drawing Show: From Doodles to […]

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CAN We Talk?


Maybe this is a good time to talk. Just over 75 percent of the people who cast ballots in Cuyahoga County in November voted in favor of renewed public support of the arts and culture through its 30 cent per pack tax on cigarettes. That’s an overwhelming number. And a few months earlier, when the County Council discussed putting the […]

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Surge, Resurge: Tremont and Little Italy work to recover their art walk magic


Nothing could be more emblematic of the churn on Cleveland’s art-walking scene than the coincidence of the Little Italy and Tremont art walks one Friday in October. Both neighborhoods once were the edgy hot spots of the Cleveland art scene. Each of them once defined the term “Art Walk” in Cleveland, and together they are responsible for establishing here the idea that artists […]

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Be Zygote Now


  Artists are Zygote’s driving purpose, and the co-founders, Joe Sroka, Kelly Novak, Bellamy Printz and myself (all artists) needed the space, the community, and the equipment to survive creatively. Opening the conversation and the physical doors to Zygote led to a movement of cooperative, shared maker spaces that now facilitate community projects and programs as well as community place-making […]

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Glow 216!

waterloo-DayGlo - Charles Coven

  Cleveland’s fourth DayGlo exhibit is coming to Waterloo! A show spearheaded by artist John Saile and shown previously at Doubting Thomas Gallery, the DayGlo exhibit features new work by 40 local artists experimenting with fluorescent paint. Generously donated by DayGlo Color Corporation, this paint has unique qualities that add a new dimension to every artist’s canvas and it isn’t […]

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Valley Art Center Celebrates its Mural and the Elements, as Well as the Holidays


    Valley Art Center’s Mural Celebration a Success! Valley Art Center’s Mural Celebration on September 27, 2015 marked a marvelous completion to a three-year process. 300 admirers of all ages gathered to hear artist Charles “Bud” Deihl describe his process and acknowledge those who supported the project. Using 10 gallons of paint and over twenty #2 paint brushes, Deihl […]

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Cleveland Arts Prize: Your Support Makes All the Difference

cleveland-arts-prizeRobinson, Barbara from DLS luncheon 2008 (3)

From generations past to the present, we recognize that all artists have made a difference in our lives and shaping our community.  For nearly 60 years, we know that the Cleveland Arts Prize has made a difference to those who have been awarded this special honor. Extended to emerging artists, mid career artists and lifetime dedication to excellence.  The Cleveland […]

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Tremont Art Walk: Rebecca Elle at Fat Cats, Jill LeMieux at Lava Lounge


Since opening in 1997 the Tremont restaurant Fat Cats has been a active participant and supporter of the Tremont ArtWalk.  Ricardo Sandoval and partners went on to open a second Tremont location, Lava Lounge, which also participates in ArtWalk, often including DJ’s and musical acts to compliment the visual art on display. This fall Fat Cats displayed the work of Tremont […]

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A Passion for the Old Masters: Traditional Drawing and Painting Instruction


I’ve always respected the ‘old masters’ of painting and the craft that they developed.  This love led me on a journey to learn their techniques.  Instruction was hard to come by.  Skill-based painting has largely been erased from art school curriculum. I was able to find a few figurative artists with whom I was fortunate enough to studied under. They […]

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Rust Belt Insomniacs


“While there is a popular conception of the artist as solitary genius, in fact almost all art  is created in a collaborative process that involves a whole cultural context of teachers and colleagues and students–as well as the larger cultural community which has shaped the artist and to which the artist responds every day.” -William Busta   This excerpt is […]

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