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  • "Dan Tranberg" in Blog
  • "Death from the Skies: Meet 2017 Guggenheim Fellow / KSU Associate Professor Mahwish Chishty" in 6(2) Summer 2017
  • "Upside-Down Worlds: Yoko Inoue at SPACES" in Blog
  • "Damage Assessment: The First 100+ Days, at SPACES" in Blog
  • "Public Imagination: Mike Meier’s Man Out of Time at Forum" in Blog
  • "George Mauersberger: Transforming Line" in 6(1) Spring 2017
  • "Keith Lemley and Christy Wittmer at the Sculpture Center" in Blog
  • "Miller Horns at the Artists Archives of the Western Reserve" in Blog
  • "Soaring Beyond the Divide / Lissa Bockrath at Lesko Gallery" in Blog
  • "Giancarlo Calicchia at Tregoning & Co: Re-Imagining the Scale and Power of Ancient Mysteries" in Blog
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