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  • "The Next Level: Dana Schutz at Transformer Station" in 7(1) Spring 2018
  • "The Seismic Power of Feminist Art: Oberlin’s Allen Memorial Art Museum Presents A Century of Women in Prints" in 6(4) Winter 2017/2018
  • "Focus on Abstraction: Dana Oldfather, Tony Watkins, Mark Keffer, Margarita Benitez and Markus Vogl at The Galleries of CSU" in Blog
  • "World Without End: “Regrets Only”, Nikki Woods at Hedge Gallery" in Blog
  • "Dark Forms at the Canton Museum of Art" in Blog
  • "Interview from the FRONT: Jens Hoffman" in 6(3) Fall 2017
  • "Adventures Under Another Sun—Paintings by John Nativio" in 6(3) Fall 2017
  • "Dan Tranberg: Layering the Sublime" in 6(3) Fall 2017
  • "Dan Tranberg" in Blog
  • "Death from the Skies: Meet 2017 Guggenheim Fellow / KSU Associate Professor Mahwish Chishty" in 6(2) Summer 2017
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