Tremont Art Walk: Rebecca Elle at Fat Cats, Jill LeMieux at Lava Lounge


Since opening in 1997 the Tremont restaurant Fat Cats has been a active participant and supporter of the Tremont ArtWalk.  Ricardo Sandoval and partners went on to open a second Tremont location, Lava Lounge, which also participates in ArtWalk, often including DJ’s and musical acts to compliment the visual art on display.

This fall Fat Cats displayed the work of Tremont resident artist Rebecca Elle with an exhibition titled: Visionary Acrylics.  We asked Rebbeca Elle about this body of work:

“I consider myself a Personal Visionary Artist both exploratory and expressionistic inspired by mystical in the literal. My passion for herbal life, curiosity of darkness in light and light in darkness was a gateway to my creativity. I apply acrylics blended with essential oils and pastels to canvas and wood, often up cycled materials, with my hands and fingers. I enjoy strange imperfections in beauty. I love the feel of paint on my hands. After spreading and preparing a chosen surface, with my hands, I wait and watch…as images emerge, disappear and emerge again. I work on the paintings over time; as little as one year as much as five. I shape and line with my fingers and may add brush, ink and scratching. Each exhibit shows different themes of how faces around me, human and animal, make impressions and visits to me, lilies and basil; they appear in forms as a signature.”                        

Of Ricardo Sandoval and his asking her to exhibit at Fat Cats Rebecca offers:  “The explosive joy of Ricardo Sandoval at Fat Cats is a welcome to me and a fun opportunity to just ‘hang it all up….whatever it is”.  He provides opportunity to many styles of local artists; I am glad to be one.”  Rebeca Elle works with the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, Special Education Administrative Division as a Solution Specialist.


Jill LeMieux at Lava Lounge

 This fall the Lava Lounge is featuring work by Jill LeMieux.  Jill creates portraits featuring animals from her childhood, often combined with a contrasting accessory or city background representing her life today.

Created with colored pencil and marker, the mosaic-style juxtaposed with animals created from pointillism, emphasize the contrast between life in the city versus the country. The work is light-hearted, playful, and often humorous.

Jill LeMieux was a childhood artist who recently found time for drawing after a nearly 20-year hiatus. Jill has a Bachelor of Arts from Purdue University, and works as a freelance graphic designer and marketing consultant. Her drawings have been featured in the Tremont Art Walk, ArtNEO’s “Cleveland Creates” exhibit at 78th Street Studios, and Moonstruck Gallery.


Lava Lounge

1307 Auburn

Cleveland, Ohio



Fat Cats

2016 W 10 St

Cleveland, Ohio



Tremont Art Walk Dates: December 11, January 8, February 12, March 11