A Passion for the Old Masters: Traditional Drawing and Painting Instruction


I’ve always respected the ‘old masters’ of painting and the craft that they developed.  This love led me on a journey to learn their techniques.  Instruction was hard to come by.  Skill-based painting has largely been erased from art school curriculum.

I was able to find a few figurative artists with whom I was fortunate enough to studied under. They were able to pass on a knowledge of anatomy, chiaroscuro,  perspective, color theory, and the craft of painting. This instruction and nature are the basis for my classes.  I have been passing on these time-tested methods for 25 years.

Students interested in learning traditional methods of drawing and painting can find instruction in my 2nd floor studio at the Screw Factory. Through a series of progressively challenging assignments students gain the academic skills necessary to open up the limitless possibilities of the medium.  Classes are ideal for beginner and advanced students alike.  An individualized approach addresses the needs of students at any level.  Traditional instruction emphasizes observational drawing, with accurate representation of form, perspective, proportion, light, shade, and color.  Large windows and high ceilings make the Screw Factory an ideal location for this type of training.

Questions regarding drawing and painting classes can be directed to Marty O’Connor at templaraa@gmail.com Visit screwfactoryartists.com for information on the wide variety of classes offered by the artists of The Screw Factory


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