Akron Art Museum Explores Geometric Abstraction by Northeast Ohio Artists in NEO Geo


NEO Geo Karl and Bertl Arnstein Galleries November 21, 2015 through April 24, 2016 In the 1960s and 70s, artists in Northeast Ohio garnered international attention through works featuring hard-edged geometric forms or complex illusory patterns. NEO Geo examines geometric abstraction’s continued relevance in the region through the work of eight contemporary artists. Responding directly to this history, Michelle Marie […]

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Looking Forward: The Art History of Cleveland’s Future

Frank Wilcox, "Shipping, Dordrecht, 1914," pencil and watercolor on paper. Gift of Henry Adams to ARTneo, in honor of Joan Brickley.

As noted in a previous issue of CAN, ARTneo—which could colloquially be described as the Museum of Northeast Ohio art—has recently been through significant changes in its staff, board, and even its location. At its 2015 benefit, the organization recognized the contributions of scholar, curator, and professor Henry Adams, who has written extensively on American art, including  art of Northeast […]

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Masked Men, Hatchets, and Bombs: Frank Oriti’s Clarity, Rodin’s the Thinker, and the Silencing of Art Vandalism


It all started on Twitter, of course.  A disturbed visitor to a London museum wrote: “I hope the @metpoliceuk deal with the masked balaclava ‘protestors’ in the national portrait gallery #London bloody terrifying :-(“. This was posted moments after a disturbance on the afternoon of July 5, and the event was made even more unnerving by its proximity to the […]

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Your easy, chronological guide to what Northeast Ohio galleries and museums have coming up in the next few months. More information about many of these exhibits can be found elsewhere in this site. Enjoy the shows! CONTINUING Through December 4 Jenniffer Omaitz: Folding Gesture Gallery 1point618 Through December 4 Susan Squires: Geometric Suggestions Gallery 1point618 Through December 5 Buoyancy: Aimee […]

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ArtFace: Nina Gibans and Jim Gibans, Photographed by Herbert Ascherman, Jr.

artface-Jim Nina Gibans002

Nina and Jim Gibans have been a force on the Cleveland arts scene for decades. Longtime trustees of ARTneo when it was known as the Cleveland Artists Foundation, they have extensively researched, written, edited and curated books and exhibits touching on the art, poetry, and architecture of Northeast Ohio.  As far back as the 70s, Nina (Cleveland Arts Prize, 2009) […]

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