Tricia Kaman: Painting From Life, A Retrospective Comes to Ashtabula Arts Center

Tricia Kaman in her studio. Photography by @juliette_the_photographer

There is endless beauty to be found in the natural world. Unless that beauty is directly perceived with one’s own sight, it is filtered, interpreted, and represented, either by an artist or a machine. For many years, the only way one could witness distant lands was through the interpretation of a painter’s brush; but now, after the advent of mechanical and digital imagery, the utility of painting from life has diminished, leaving only the emotional impact of seeing the world through an artist’s eyes. The very best artists help us see things that we would otherwise be blind to.

For decades, Tricia Kaman has worked tirelessly to capture and share the beauty she sees in a scenic view or a model’s pose. Hers is a vision of color and form, shadows and soft gradients that reveal themselves only to careful observers.

Tricia Kaman, Behive

This August, Tricia’s work will be appearing at the Ashtabula Arts Center as part of her new collection, Painting From Life | A Retrospective. The collection is a result of Tricia turning her artist’s gaze upon her own body of work, finding the connecting threads and quiet origins of techniques that would become her signature style.

Many of the subjects of Tricia’s paintings no longer look as they did when painted. Trees have changed color, shorelines have eroded, and some models have passed on. In this way, Tricia’s work allows one to see back across time itself, but in an intensely personal way that no photograph can achieve. Viewers can travel through the decades together with Tricia—one still, quiet moment at a time.

Viewers are invited to take part in Tricia’s journey, either through the purchase of an original work or one of the many beautiful giclée prints available. Tracy’s Space and The Wedding Gown will be making a rare appearance, together again after Tracy’s return from Agora Gallery New York.

Tricia Kaman, Covid Still Life

Painting From Life | A Retrospective will be on display at the Ashtabula Arts Center starting August 7 and running through August 30, with an opportunity to meet Tricia herself at the opening reception from 6 to 8 pm on Friday, August 9. The event has been made possible in part by an investment of public funds from the Ohio Arts Council (OAC). The OAC is a state agency that funds and supports quality arts experiences to strengthen Ohio communities culturally, educationally, and economically.

2928 West 13th Street
Ashtabula, Ohio 44004


Tricia Kaman: Painting From Life | A Retrospective, August 7–30. Opening reception with Tricia Kaman 6-8pm Friday, August 9

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