Marking Time and Space at Context

Rebecca Kaler, Untitled (I was Here series), oil on canvas.

Rebecca Kaler and Robert Wright transcend Abstract Expressionism by using their mark making as a record of time and space. Kaler and Wright delve into ideas of memory and legacy through interpretations of expressive brush strokes that recall graffiti and physical movement. Kaler utilizes hash marks or scrawled text within abstract compositions to make the statement “I was here.” Her work revolves around our human desire to be recognized and acknowledged, to not be forgotten to time. Wright, in turn, records the gestural motions of dance through time and space. His work recognizes that our movements are individual—an expression of who we are—and captures them as reminders that we are all unique. Both artists search for a way to remember and a way to be remembered through the interplay of the tangible and intangible human experience.

The exhibition opens on Friday, May 17, from 5 to 9 pm. An artists’ closing reception will be held from 6 to 8 pm on Wednesday, June 19.

1300 West 78th Street, Suite 303
Cleveland, Ohio 44102


Marking Time and Space, May 17–June 19. Opens 5-9pm Friday, May 17. Closing reception 6-8pm Wednesday, June 19.

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