Christopher Kaspar and Greg Martin, Exploring Perspectives: An Exhibition of Shifts, at BAYarts

Christopher Kaspar

According to Christopher Kaspar, the start of Shifts can be traced back to his and Greg Martin’s participation in group shows at Photocentric, curated by Michael Loderstedt. It was amidst these exhibitions that they found themselves drawn to each other’s creative processes, recognizing the subtle nuances that distinguished their respective styles. They are exhibiting together this summer at BAYarts.

The pair began a collaborative dialogue by brainstorming a bunch of ideas that would showcase their different styles. They used words like “time,” “temporal,” “tectonic,” “shifts,” and “technology.” Each word had potential. Yet, it was the simplicity of shifts that resonated most—a single word with layers of meaning, reflecting the dynamic interplay of their creative visions.

Greg Martin

At the heart of Shifts lies a dual invitation extended to the viewer—one of narrative discovery and technological exploration. Observers are invited to find their own stories that resonate with their own experiences. Whether it’s a fleeting moment frozen in time, or an alternate reality made through digital manipulation, each image serves as a starting point for the viewer’s reflection and interpretation.

Moreover, Shifts serves as a statement about how technology is used alongside conventional tools and ideas. Kaspar and Martin are challenging conventional tools and techniques to push the boundaries of what traditional photography is or was. They celebrate the innovation and ingenuity that happens when creativity intersects with technology.

Shifts opens in the Sullivan Family Gallery on Friday, August 9, and runs through October 5.


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