Bridge Construction Mural Project: Transforming Chagrin Falls Through Public Art

Lead muralist Pam Spremulli in front of bridge construction.

Valley Art Center (VAC) is thrilled to announce a collaborative, public art mural project aiming to turn the Main Street bridge reconstruction site in downtown Chagrin Falls into a canvas of beauty and inspiration.

At the project’s core lies a celebration of community: artists within a fifty-mile radius of Chagrin Falls were invited to submit design proposals, and the community voted online for the imagery that will complement Riverside Park. Eight 6-by-8-foot murals will contrast the busy construction site with their visionary aesthetic.

Pam Spremulli, professional artist and art educator, will create an additional mural integrating elements of illustrations contributed by local residents of all ages. “I love opportunities where I can work directly with community members to create a piece that unites,” says Spremulli. “It not only connects us but it can tell a story of personal experience—each individual putting their mark on history and creation.”

Rebecca (Bec) Gruss, executive director of VAC, underscores the project’s role in fostering positivity and community engagement amidst construction challenges. “This endeavor harnesses the transformative power of public art,” she remarks, highlighting the support of private family foundations in bringing this project to fruition.

The unveiling, planned for June 1 in Riverside Park, will be a celebration of creativity and camaraderie. VAC hopes that beyond beautifying the construction site, the murals will bring visitors to enjoy Chagrin Falls’ wonderful shops and restaurants.

On June 8 and 9, the 40th Annual Art by the Falls outdoor fine arts and contemporary crafts festival, presented by VAC, promises to further celebrate artists and their artwork. Now located at the Cleveland Metroparks Polo Field, the event features over 140 booths showcasing artists from various regions, drawing in over 15,000 visitors. Together with the mural project, these initiatives enrich the artistic community of Chagrin Falls.


Construction Mural Reveal, Saturday, June 1

Art by the Falls, 10am-7pm Saturday, June 8 & 10am-4pm Sunday, June 9 at the Cleveland Metroparks Polo Field