The Galleries at CSU to Partner with Bonfoey Gallery and YARDS Project Space for Student Shows

The Galleries at CSU partner with Bonfoey Gallery to present student shows this Spring while the university’s galleries are being relocated.

In 1995, months before the grand opening, I began working as preparator at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. As preparator, my job was to mount, frame, lay out and install exhibits. The new I. M. Pei-designed building was still under construction and I had no tools or fabrication shop to do this work.

I was tasked with framing photographs for installation throughout the new museum. I was under the pressure of a September 1, 1995, grand opening and needed help to meet my deadline.

Fortunately, I discovered Bonfoey Gallery: Fine Art and Custom Framing, one of the oldest and most respected art galleries in the region. I had found the help I needed to meet my deadline!

The two collections that needed to be framed were comprised of Annie Leibovitz and Stephen Shore photographs. These collections represented examples of “Rock & Roll meets fine art.” To add to the complexity of this project, these original photographs could not leave my possession. Bonfoey had to fabricate all frames, mats, mounts and plexiglass without the artwork in hand for reference. This was my first experience with Bonfoey, and their professionalism and workmanship exceeded my expectations.

Fast forward 29 years and Bonfoey has once again come to my rescue. In July 2023, the lease for the Galleries at CSU expired and we were temporarily left without a home. The CSU College of Arts and Sciences made it a priority to continue presenting our annual Student Art Show. As gallery director, I was tasked with identifying a suitable space to host this exhibition. Existing spaces around campus lacked proper lighting, climate control, security, wall space or availability. In addition to their great location just off campus, Bonfoey has everything I need to host this show, and when I approached them with my request, they said YES!

The Cleveland-area art community has rallied to support the Galleries at CSU in our time of transition. YARDS Project Space at Worthington Yards will host our Merit Scholar Exhibition and Bonfoey Gallery on Euclid Avenue will host our 52nd Annual Student Art Show. Both shows will be open to the public from April 16 to May 24.

The Galleries at CSU wish to thank Liz Maugans of YARDS Project Space, Marcia Hall at Bonfoey Gallery, and the Ohio Arts Council for their continued support.

1307 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44115


Merit Scholar Exhibitions at YARDS Project Space at Worthington Yards, April 16–May 24. YARDS Project Space is located at 725 Johnson Court, Cleveland, 44113

52nd Annual Student Art Show at Bonfoey Gallery, April 16–May 24. Bonfoey Gallery is located at 1710 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, 44115

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