Text Messages, at YARDS

CAN Fall Issue

Rachel Yurkovich.

Despite the honored position that the name Cleaveland holds in the city’s history, it  is the incorrect spelling, Cleveland, without the extra “a,” that is our city’s name.  One legend has it that in 1830 the city’s newspaper could not fit the “a” in its headline, so the city became Cleveland. Using 21st century technology, the shorthand of “texting”  causes us to interpret words and meaning in a squirrely business filled with rules that differ from those in other forms of communication. Whether for the sake of efficiency or because of trends in language nuance, each new generation continues to innovate in this space.

Text Messages is a lively group exhibition, with artists working in a variety of mediums and genres, all incorporating, infusing or solely utilizing text in their art practice. Through their employment of language and letterform as concept and design, these artists cultivate an inherently-transformative partnership of imagery and text, posing a variety of questions. At YARDS, they will present a compelling array of contemporary text-based works encompassing a wide variety of themes and concepts. The works on view will traverse diverse styles and sensibilities, delivered with skill, intelligence, wit, and innovation through a myriad of themes ranging from public to personal, and media, including illustration-neon, light installation, embroidery, assemblages, painting, and photography.

We are thrilled to showcase the artists Karl Anderson, Shadi Ayoub, Malcolm Barrett, Anna Chapman, Ron Copeland, Jeffry Chiplis, Paula Damm, Erin Guido, Brittany M. Hudak, Bob Kelemen, Micah Kraus, Melinda Placko, Sampson the Artist, Jaylon Wright, and Rachel Yurkovich.

Show opens Thursday, September 1, August 8 with a reception from 5:30-8pm, and will be on view through October 22.


725 Johnson Court

Cleveland, Ohio 44113



Text Messages, August 18–October 22

Opening reception 5:30-8pm Thursday, August 18

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