Sankofa Fine Art Plus Hears You

Lady Justice Mural by Sankofa Fine Art Plus

Who is Sankofa Fine Art Plus?

Sankofa Fine Art Plus serves and advocates for African American artists, which presents African American art as a credible and meaningful art form for neighborhood revitalization. Through intergenerational community education, and collaboration, via participatory public art, we inspire change in people, place, and practice. In doing this we create opportunity for a more just and equitable Cleveland.

What are our guiding values?

We value the essential humanity, dignity, and potential of all People of Color. We respect the knowledge and experience of Black people and embrace diversity, equity and inclusion. We are committed to inquiry-based learning, respectful communication, and mindful collaboration. We also believe in the transformative power of creativity. Art ignites change in our people, in our neighborhoods, in our cities and beyond.

Why is it important that we hear you?

In 2015 Sankofa created the Urban Renaissance with heART community mural program to bring expressive artwork out of the gallery setting, and into the public realm. Since then, we have installed almost ten community-engaged murals in order to self-identify and uplift under-represented neighborhoods in Greater Cleveland.

We believe that the neighbors who live where our murals are installed should be actively involved in the design concept and painting of the mural. Our murals reflect the concerns, dreams and aspirations of those unheard communities.

11401 Saint Clair Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44108