Art Made in the Shutdown: Patty Flauto

Patty Flauto, Tender Times, from Art Made in the Shutdown, on view at Worthington Yards


CAN Journal has been pleased to partner with Worthington Yards to present Art Made in the Shutdown, an exhibit featuring works of more than 120 artists who have in common this tumultuous moment in history, when a global pandemic intersects with our long-overdue reckoning with racism.

In the wake of a recent Zoom dialog among the artists, we continue to share artists’ videos as they discuss their work from the exhibit: how they were impacted, how they were challenged, and how they coped during the isolation, what they made, and what it all meant to them. Now more than four months into the crisis, we know artists have not stopped making work, even if they have had to channel their creativity in new ways. Some have not had access to their usual facilities and media. For some, the period of isolation has challenged or inspired them to try new things.

You’re invited to see the exhibit in-person appointment, or noon – 4 pm Saturday, July 25.

When you visit, we thank you for WEARING MASKS and respecting all Social Distancing policies.

In the mean time, here’s artist Patty Flauto, discussing her work from Art Made in the Shutdown, Tender Times:



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