Digitizing for the Future

Before (Above) and After (Below) images show how digital restoration
can return old and damaged photographs to their original glory.

The Bonfoey Gallery (1710 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, Ohio 44115) focuses on protecting your artwork to ensure that it lasts into the future. When we build a frame, we use high quality conservation materials to protect your work. However, if the artwork is already damaged, we can help there too. Not only do we provide painting and paper restoration services, but recently we have begun offering digital restoration, which is particularly useful for damaged photographs. Whether the image is torn, scratched, faded, or stained, we can create a digital version that is as good as new.

The process of digital restoration involves scanning the image and creating a digital file. Then photo manipulation software is used to repair the image by making it lighter or darker, or clearer, and removing any scratches or tears. In some extreme cases, missing sections of the image can be re-created and replaced. Any fading, discoloration, or smudges can be removed as the original image is restored to its original glory.

There are other added benefits to having digital images created of your most prized photographs. The images can be shared, multiple copies of varying sizes can be printed, the digital files can be saved to a CD—which is one of the best ways to preserve digital content—and you can hold onto the original without damaging it further. There are other ways to physically restore a photo, but through digital restoration, more options are available to you. Keep your memories intact, and just because an old photograph is bent or scratched does not mean the image is lost. Instead, it is a chance to give the photograph a new life.



The Bonfoey Gallery
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