Creative Fusion: David Shillingjaw & Glen Infante, Ohio City Inc.

 London-based painter and muralist David Shillinglaw joined the Creative Fusion project only recently, stepping in at the last minute when two other artists selected by Ohio City Inc. were unable to commit to the residency. So while the rest of the visiting artists were settling in and making progress on their murals, Shillinglaw was organizing his plans to live on this side of the Atlantic. He comes with real enthusiasm for the project, and considerable talent and experience.

That’s a good thing, because Shillinglaw will have about half the time the other artists had to complete a three-story mural and interact with local organizations. During his residency, he will collaborate with artist Glen Infante.  A Cleveland native, Infante wears many hats: artist, illustrator, graphic designer, and is the proprietor of local clothing company, iLTHY.

Shillinglaw has been creating murals for the past ten years, and has exhibited internationally since earning his degree in Fine Art from Saint Martin’s College (London) in 2002.  “Being an artist was always my ambition,” he says.  “Making art was the only thing that held my attention. It never gets boring.” Shillinglaw finds inspiration everywhere: in newspapers, history books, comic books, nature, etc. He says, “I don’t rely on one source for inspiration. I just use all the material I can find and filter out the bits I want.”


Of his style, Shillinglaw says it changes from piece to piece, and he tries not to settle into one particular style. He explains, “Style changes over time, from piece to piece, often defined and limited by the materials I’m using. But in general, I try to not settle in one particular style, rather I keep making work and taking risks whenever possible to broaden the vocabulary of my visual language.”


Together, Shillinglaw and Infante will go beyond improving Cleveland visually. Both are working with neighborhood organizations to make the community a better place for its residents. Infante recently held a workshop with students from St. Ignatius’ Arrupe Program. The kids helped Infante develop ideas for the mural that he will paint in Ohio City. is partnered with Malachi Center where he will work with children through an afterschool program.


There is obviously much good to come from these two prolific artists and, thanks to Creative Fusion, Cleveland has the front row seat for all of it.