Arabella Proffer’s Ephemeral Antidotes: Revisited at BAYarts

When Arabella Proffer was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer in 2010, she discovered a 16th century painting of Saints Cosmas and Damian where it appeared the “cure” for her particular ailment had changed little. The result of the traumatic experience of having a section of her leg removed gave way to a new fervent interest in medical history, and is chronicled in the afflictions of her fictional female portraits. Her work touches on themes of identity, history, rebellion, and refinement; and it gave her a way to work out her anger, realizing what she was suffering was nothing compared to old remedies and techniques. “My art and interests were in the way society lived in the past, but with emphasis on the defiant, glamorous, and eccentric — not daily strife,” says Proffer, “You could have been rich, important, or beautiful, but if sick, you would still receive brutal or worthless treatment.”

Twins, by Arabella Proffer

“Daughters of Maternal Impression”, by Arabella Proffer

Ephemeral Antidotes: Revisited” explores the medical superstitions and practices of centuries past with a touch of magic realism. Described as everything from neorealism to pop surrealism, Proffer paintings are accompanied by stories highlighting both the fascinating and misguided aspects of old medicine. She takes her inspiration from old world mannerist portraiture and medical illustrations of the 14th and 15th centuries, weaving in her own contemporary punk and goth sensibility. Done in oil on linen, her stylized subjects are bold and colorful, yet reveal a hint of the sinister.

Ephemeral Antidotes: Revisited: April 4 – 25, 2014

The Sullivan Family Gallery

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