Worldwide Begins at Home


You’ve seen at least one variation of this idea expressed on bumper stickers: Think Globally: Act Locally. That may mean something different to everyone who reads it, but when it’s stuck on the back of an old, fuel-efficient car along with a bunch of other bumper stickers that say things like “Imagine Whirled Peas,” and “Coexist” (spelled out in the […]

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Punch Above Your Weight / Growing the Pie: Selling Art Beyond the Boundaries of Northeast Ohio, Part Three

The FRONT Triennial Team (Left to Right: Michelle Grabner, Fred Bidwell, Jens Hoffman

It could happen here: In 2014, two New Orleans photographers—the husband-and-wife team Keith Calhoun and Chandra McCormick—showed a series of photographs of the Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola, Louisiana as part of the art triennial, Prospect. Speaking of their exhibit, called “Slavery: The Prison Industrial Complex,” Calhoun told the New Orleans Times Picayune, “Angola is still pretty much run like […]

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Show Up!


Almost all of the artists that I know who have been successful in our region have been full participants in its art life.  They show up at art openings, participate in activities like the Monster Drawing Rally at SPACES or Monothon at Zygote, visit each other’s studios, and populate the boards of art organizations. When their careers were new, it […]

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Object Lessons: Cyra Levenson works to engage art students of all ages, through the collection at the Cleveland Museum of Art


  Cyra Levenson has been in her role as the Cleveland Museum of Art’s director of education and academic affairs for just over a year. Her broad duties include overseeing interpretation of the collection, as well as collaborating in the launch of The Keithley Institute for Art History, which offers object-based learning opportunity for researchers or students interested in museum […]

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Sunflowers on Red Bricks: Re-reading Latin America and the Caribbean from Cleveland, Ohio


  by Laura Ruiz Montes Translation by Damaris Puñales Alpízar Laura Ruiz Montes is a poet, writer, and critic in Matanzas, Cuba, who was a Spring 2017 Creative Fusion resident in Cleveland, hosted by CAN Journal and supported by the Cleveland Foundation. This is the second part of her essay on Cleveland artists of Latin American descent. The first part […]

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Your easy, chronological guide to what Northeast Ohio galleries and museums have coming up in the next few months. More information about many of these exhibits can be found elsewhere in the pages of CAN. Enjoy the shows!   Continuing   Through September 1 Justin Brennan: Paintings and Drawings; Stephen Kasner: Homecoming Preview HEDGE GALLERY   Through September 9 Word. […]

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More Creative Fusion News

Made In Cleveland From the beginning, the Creative Fusion International Residency Program has engaged local artists with opportunities to interact with their peers from around the world. The Fall 2017 FRONT cohort is no different. As a part of the Madison Residencies, FRONT is identifying artists of Northeast Ohio who will make work for exhibition during the FRONT International Cleveland […]

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Interview from the FRONT: Jens Hoffman

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The following brief interview with Jens Hofmann was conducted via email at his request. Hoffman is probably the best known of the two art world luminaries (famed Chicago artist Michelle Grabner is the other) recruited by FRONT Executive Director Fred Bidwell and his team as co-artistic directors for the experimental, conceptually-driven event. Their job is to recruit artists, but also […]

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Look Out, Cleveland

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The Times review from 2014 was not much more than a blurb—an attempted takedown of Chicago-based conceptual artist Michelle Grabner by critic Ken Johnson dripping with contempt. It must have irked Johnson that he was duty-bound to refer to the artist, whom he dismissed as a “comfortably middle-class tenured professor and soccer mom,” as “one of the curators for this […]

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The Creative Fusion Madison Residencies

Adriana Martinez Headshot WEB

A.K. Burns / Brooklyn, New York A.K. Burns is currently at work on a cycle of five video-installations that take speculative fiction as a point of departure. The first, A Smeary Spot (2015) debuted at Participant Inc., NY. As artist-in-residence at the New Museum, Burns debuted the second installation, Living Room (2017), as part of the Spring 2017 Research & […]

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