From inner to outer: Tricia Kaman at Ursuline College

Tricia Kaman, "Best Friends."

Portraitist and figure painter Tricia Kaman has been developing her craft for four decades, and the results of her experiments and refinements are on display at Ursuline College’s Wasmer Gallery. “Women in Reverie,” now in its final two weeks in exhibit, gathers 52 of Kaman’s oil and pastel images of women and girls. The artist captures women in many activities—conversing, napping, […]


Digging Up the “Seeds of Colonialism”: Darice Polo at Some Time Gallery


“They tried to bury us, they didn’t know we were seeds.”  You may have seen this popular slogan on posters at the women’s march last week.  But the seeds that artist Darice Polo is examining in “Seeds of Colonialism” didn’t lead to unity and peace, but rather a century of oppression, discrimination, and exploitation.  Technically, Puerto Rico is a U.S. “Unincorporated Territory”, […]


SPACES Unveils their New Home


The folks at SPACES really know how to throw a good party – and their grand opening weekend on January 14 and 15 did not disappoint.  It was two days of performances, temporary installations, delightful food and drink, and of course some dancing. During the Saturday night “Roving Housewarming Party” nearly 30 area artists either contributed art or gave performances; […]


Bay Arts’ “Presence and Projection”: Humanity at extremes and in intimacy

double image

John W. Carlson and Douglas Max Utter  explore the ability of painting, print, and drawing to create self-sustaining worlds of feeling in their joint exhibition “Presence and Projection”. The show is ongoing at Bay Arts’ Sullivan Family Gallery, and is hosted in collaboration with HEDGE Gallery. Carlson is a painter and drawing instructor. Utter is an artist, critic, and 2013 […]


Soaring Beyond the Divide / Lissa Bockrath at Lesko Gallery

"Soaring Beyond the Divide", 48 x 60"

Lissa Bockrath’s works have a fearless quality. They evoke climactic moments of awe and revelation, using paint to recreate feelings of immanent transcendence, even divine presence. Perhaps they’re most like music — symphonic tone poems by expressive composers like Franz Liszt or Bedrich Smetana. In ways that parallel the sonic textures of those composers her sweeping oil on canvas inventions […]


Cuba, Cleveland and the Arts: An Import-Export Relationship

Courtesy of National Geographic

“As a former US diplomat, I can tell you that there is not a country in the world, rich or poor, that you can’t learn something from.” That’s Ronn Richard, president of the Cleveland Foundation, speaking of the Foundation’s Creative Fusion international artist residency program, and specifically its focus on Cuba this Spring. This week, a delegation of Cleveland nonprofit […]




**Note: This show has been extended until Saturday, January 21.** A rainy winter day seemed perfect for stopping in to Bonfoey Gallery to see work by Laurence Channing.  These moody, hyperrealistic, mostly black and white drawings of Cleveland’s urban landscape present city streets, structures, and bridges as tranquil environments devoid of people or traffic.  Channing’s choice medium is charcoal and […]


MAKERS: Cannaday Chapman, Illustrator

  I asked Cannaday Chapman if he thought of himself as an “Illustrator” or an “Artist”, and without skipping a beat he said: “Illustrator”. I nodded quizzically as I looked over all of the hand-drawn and hand-painted scraps of paper around the room.  While Chapman does indeed “illustrate” many things – in particular articles for magazines, newspapers, greeting cards, etc. […]

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