Artists: Read this before the CAC meeting Monday

Collective Arts Network is grateful and proud to receive a grant from Cuyahoga Arts and Culture for a series of articles in 2017 covering efforts to expand the art market in Northeast Ohio.

This is a digest of information, news, and questions relevant to changes in Individual Artist Grant Funding in Cuyahoga County. The Board of Cuyahoga Arts and Culture (CAC) meets at 3:30 pm Monday, December 12 in the Miller Classroom of the Idea Center to discuss what will be elements of a new program.  Things to know: 1) In November, Cuyahoga […]


NAS Withdraws, CAC Individual Artist Grant Program In Limbo

Excerpt from the ballot from the November 3, 2015 election in Cuyahoga County

In a surprising arts funding turn, the Washington DC-based National Arts Strategies, which Cuyahoga Arts and Culture had proposed to run its individual artist program, has withdrawn its proposal for that program. Cuyahoga Arts and Culture made the announcement Tuesday. From a prepared statement on CAC’s website. “In the last few days, National Arts Strategies, a potential partner for delivering fellowship support to Cuyahoga […]


Originality Shines in Akron Art Museum’s “Intersections”

Anne Lindberg, Inside Green.

Since the opening night in October, I have made repeat visits to Intersections: Artists Master Line and Space at the Akron Art Museum. This show features six contemporary sculptors who use paper as an essential aspect to their practice – from experimental techniques like hand-corrugated paper sculptures to abaca paper pressed into carved wood, the playful nature to this exhibition […]


Giancarlo Calicchia at Tregoning & Co: Re-Imagining the Scale and Power of Ancient Mysteries

Invitation, by Giancarlo Calicchia (detail)

  In the Odyssey, the Greek word used to describe the wily hero Odysseus is “polutropon” – many-sided, multivalent.  It might also serve as an epithet for the sculptor Giancarlo Calicchia, a man accomplished in a variety of disciplines, whose unique imagery and personal symbols  chip and twist through time, reimagining the scale and power of ancient mysteries.  Calicchia’s sculptures […]


Tiempo Fragmentado: Loreto Greve at Cleveland Print Room

Stone Lithography by Loreto Greve, 2016

Capping Loreto Greve’s three month-long artist residency at Cleveland Print Room as part of the Cleveland Foundation’s ongoing Creative Fusion Program, Tiempo Fragmentado is an exhibit of photographs, photograms, drawings and prints, all produced during Greve’s stay here. Photographs were processed on site at the Print Room, several lithographs were made under the direction of Karen Beckwith at the Cleveland […]


CAC Discusses Process, Goals for Proposed Individual Artist Program

CAC Staff discusses the proposed Creative Community Fellowships, administered by Washington, DC-based National Arts Strategies, during CAC's November 14 Board Meeting.

Artists’ discussion and complaints about the proposed new direction of Cuyahoga Arts and Culture individual artist grants has been focused as much on the selection process and criteria as it has been on the possibility of sending local tax dollars to an out-of-state agency. Cuyahoga Arts and Culture offered these answers to questions posed by CAN: CAN: How will the application […]


MAKERS: Jake Kelly


Once you are familiar with Jake Kelly’s work you start spotting it everywhere. He is the virtuoso responsible for the giant murals in Melt Restaurants – or maybe you’ve seen his fliers advertising upcoming shows at the Grog Shop, or perhaps you’ve seen his amazing mural inside the Grog Shop, or his serial comic masterpiece the “Lake Erie Monster” made with long-time […]

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