Cuba, Cleveland and the Arts: An Import-Export Relationship

Courtesy of National Geographic

“As a former US diplomat, I can tell you that there is not a country in the world, rich or poor, that you can’t learn something from.” That’s Ronn Richard, president of the Cleveland Foundation, speaking of the Foundation’s Creative Fusion international artist residency program, and specifically its focus on Cuba this Spring. This week, a delegation of Cleveland nonprofit […]




**Note: This show has been extended until Saturday, January 21.** A rainy winter day seemed perfect for stopping in to Bonfoey Gallery to see work by Laurence Channing.  These moody, hyperrealistic, mostly black and white drawings of Cleveland’s urban landscape present city streets, structures, and bridges as tranquil environments devoid of people or traffic.  Channing’s choice medium is charcoal and […]


MAKERS: Cannaday Chapman, Illustrator

  I asked Cannaday Chapman if he thought of himself as an “Illustrator” or an “Artist”, and without skipping a beat he said: “Illustrator”. I nodded quizzically as I looked over all of the hand-drawn and hand-painted scraps of paper around the room.  While Chapman does indeed “illustrate” many things – in particular articles for magazines, newspapers, greeting cards, etc. […]


Individual Artists and Equitable Grant Making: Divided We Fall

Panelists at the Happy Dog: Watterson, Maugans, Mauersberger, Washington, Steward

Wednesday morning—a few hours before about 60 artists would gather at the Happy Dog’s Euclid Tavern location to talk about Cuyahoga Arts and Culture’s individual artist grants–Zygote Press director Liz Maugans asked me what was my greatest concern about the controversy at hand. For those who have not been following, the controversy is over a proposed new direction for CAC’s […]


2016: STRANGE MELANCHOLY, Thoughts on the Worst Year Ever & “The Magic Realism of Hazel Janicki” at ARTneo

As a proud member of the CAN Journal team and an insatiable art-appreciator, I see more art exhibitions than the average person in the course of a year.  Personally I’ve never been a fan of end-of-the-year lists, or best-of’s, and when the critics start rolling out their inevitable snoozy inventories I tend to just tune out.  But in what has been a […]


CAC to Individual Artists: Money in the Budget, No Program to Administer It


After two hours of public comment–which included impassioned statements from leaders of the arts policy community, as well as more than three-dozen artists and administrators–the Board of Cuyahoga Arts and Culture met Monday and listened as its staff outlined six elements they believe should be a part of the tax-funded agency’s individual artist grant program in the future. Among the […]


Artists: Read this before the CAC meeting Monday

Collective Arts Network is grateful and proud to receive a grant from Cuyahoga Arts and Culture for a series of articles in 2017 covering efforts to expand the art market in Northeast Ohio.

This is a digest of information, news, and questions relevant to changes in Individual Artist Grant Funding in Cuyahoga County. The Board of Cuyahoga Arts and Culture (CAC) meets at 3:30 pm Monday, December 12 in the Miller Classroom of the Idea Center to discuss what will be elements of a new program.  Things to know: 1) In November, Cuyahoga […]


NAS Withdraws, CAC Individual Artist Grant Program In Limbo

Excerpt from the ballot from the November 3, 2015 election in Cuyahoga County

In a surprising arts funding turn, the Washington DC-based National Arts Strategies, which Cuyahoga Arts and Culture had proposed to run its individual artist program, has withdrawn its proposal for that program. Cuyahoga Arts and Culture made the announcement Tuesday. From a prepared statement on CAC’s website. “In the last few days, National Arts Strategies, a potential partner for delivering fellowship support to Cuyahoga […]


Originality Shines in Akron Art Museum’s “Intersections”

Anne Lindberg, Inside Green.

Since the opening night in October, I have made repeat visits to Intersections: Artists Master Line and Space at the Akron Art Museum. This show features six contemporary sculptors who use paper as an essential aspect to their practice – from experimental techniques like hand-corrugated paper sculptures to abaca paper pressed into carved wood, the playful nature to this exhibition […]

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