Walkabout Tremont: Art on the Menu

Stop us if you’ve heard this one. A man walks into a bar. All around him, people are imbibing, socializing, noshing. Liquor bottles are colorfully reflected in a wall-length mirror. Tables and chairs are generic brown wood. Some furniture (like the occasional patron) is a bit unsteady—stabilized perhaps by folded napkins or matchbooks shoved under one leg. Soft light, non-descript […]

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Doubting Thomas Gallery: Seeing Is Believing

Doubting Thomases are skeptics. They won’t believe without proof. The first Doubting Thomas was an apostle who wouldn’t accept the resurrected Jesus until he felt the latter’s wounds. In Tremont, doubting thomas is an art gallery. A venue one must see to believe. All-local artists? Commission-free? Raw and utterly non-commercial? Believe it. What’s more, doubting thomas is among Tremont’s most-long-lived […]

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Art and Artists live in Tremont

There’s a rumor that Tremont is no longer a haven for artists, a rumor that gentrification is not the artist’s friend. Not so in Tremont, where artists thrive and transform their community by reimagining what a creative lifestyle means. Beginning in the late 1970s, artist of all persuasions—painters, sculptors, dancers, musicians, chefs, arts educators, graphic artists—began moving in. By 2011, […]

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