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  • "Amber Kempthorn: (Extra)Ordinary Magic" in 11(3) Fall 2022
  • "The Painting Porch: Cathie Bleck and Marianne Berardi at BAYarts" in Blog
  • "Start Here: In Curatorial Residency, MOCHA Creates Opportunity for Artists of Color" in 11(1) Spring 2022
  • "Powerful and Courageous: Joyce Morrow Jones at moCa Cleveland" in Blog
  • "Let Down Your Bucket Where You Are: A Taste of FRONT" in Blog
  • "Avatars and Secret Doors: David King at HEDGE" in Blog
  • "Redefining Reality: Cleveland Arts Prize Winners Corrie Slawson and Lauren Yeager" in 10(4) Winter 2021/2022
  • "Stories: New Narratives, at Abattoir" in Blog
  • "Stuff This in Your CV (In Support of Waterloo Arts and other Juried Regional Exhibits)" in Blog
  • "Ken Nevadomi: The Panther’s Teeth" in 10(3) Fall 2021
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