Spatial Harmony: Justin Brennan, Aaron Troyer
and Kero Johannes, plus Nikki Woods:
Conjuring Images, at HEDGE

Justin Brennan, Turnabout, oil and spray paint on canvas, 24 X 24 inches, 2024.

HEDGE Gallery opens two exhibits this summer season, and kickstarts new programming that includes group exhibitions, which will be an up-and-coming part of our regular scheduling in 2025 and 2026.

Spatial Harmony opens May 17, featuring recent paintings by Justin Brennan, with Columbus-based painter Aaron Troyer and Cleveland ceramicist Kero Johannes.

Aaron Troyer, Strategic Ambiguity, acrylic, ink on canvas, 24 x 24 inches, 2024

Abstracted scenes, spirited color palettes and optical illusions create dialogue between these artists’ two-dimensional and three-dimensional artwork. The subject matters, whether they be a landscape trope or functional object, are devised in a playful and slightly humorous way, free from the restrictions of traditional perspectives.

Nikki Woods, Kiss in the Grass, oil on canvas, 35.5 x 36 inches, 2024

Nikki Woods opens a solo exhibition of her most recent oil paintings on July 19. Conjuring Images includes paintings and pastels inspired by art history, old Hollywood film stills, and whimsical creatures. A collector of images, Woods masterfully weaves her spectral high-femme visions with sensuous oil painting to connect the past and present simultaneously. Her lush, gestural paintings, though playful and riotous, explore complex ideas relating to the practice of painting, magic, feminine interiority, and what is considered “serious” content.

Woods states, “I use color, gesture and form to communicate a sense of directness and urgency and see painting as a practice of divination or mediumship, outside of time, … like reading a crystal ball—an image emerges from the canvas.”

She is also collaborating with two painters, Bianca Fields and Katy Richards, on a group exhibit titled Dream Gardens which will be hosted within her show at HEDGE. Pulling from the tradition of floral still life painting as prompt, Fields and Richards bring modern-era feminism to the mix.

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Spatial Harmony: Justin Brennan, Aaron Troyer & Kero Johannes, Preview reception 5pm Wednesday, May 15. Opening reception 5pm Friday, May 17

Nikki Woods: Conjuring Images, Preview reception 5pm Wednesday, July 17. Opening reception, 5pm Friday, July 19

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