Emerging: Victor Weizer and Darci Gumins-Paulett at Judson Park

Red Tailed Hawk, Photo by Vic Weizer

Photography is one of many things that Vic and Darci have in common. These artists share a friendship that goes back to high school. Both are passionate about nature and are inspired by the beauty of each season. Although they each took a different path to arrive at this gallery destination–exhibiting together at Judson Smart Living–they both demonstrate the ability to zero-in on the details of this world.

In his first thirty years, Vic Weizer, a wildlife photographer, layed his eyes on a total of three owls. It did not take long for owls to become a focal point for his field of study. Victor states, “when I first started observing birds of prey, it was a much different ecosystem for raptors here in the Midwest. Sightings of species such as falcons and even eagles were just about newspaper worthy events.” He began with binoculars, but soon realized that he was much too slow at being able to focus and track the fast-moving raptors. With the introduction of digital cameras, he was finally able to capture images of these birds. Victor shares, “the goal had nothing to do with making great images, but simply to freeze an image of a bird in the field for proper identification. In time, my photography skills developed as I practiced and listened to the advice given from other wildlife photographers who also share the passion for raptors”.

Tommy, Darci Gumins Paulett, 28.5 X 22 inches, Graphite on Paper, 2022

Darci Gumins-Paulett, a mixed media artist, was born and raised in Cleveland, where she still lives and works. Darci states, “Cleveland offers so much inspiration for my artwork, as it is rich in nature.” She returned to school as an older adult and earned her BA in studio art from Cleveland State University in 2023. Darci has focused on drawing and painting and is currently exploring ceramics and photography. She shares that, “while I am concentrating on art, I see more clearly. I pay closer attention to the world and focus on the beauty, and the horror, that surrounds us, which can so easily and too often be ignored. My favorite pieces combine a mixture of both, because that is life. My goal is to convey to the viewer a sense of understanding about personal struggle, and most importantly, to offer a feeling of hope that challenges can be won.” Darci’s most recent work comes from a place where her constants—faith, family and love—move her through the seasons of life.

The title of their show opening in April is Emerging. Victor and Darci didn’t take long to create this title which blends both of their work together, yet signifies each of them as emerging artists. Victor’s work is literally about flying, and much of Darci’s work is about rising above challenges.

1801 Chestnut Hills Drive
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44106


Emerging: Victor Weizer and Darci Gumins-Paulett, April 12–July 5