Bare My Soul Continues, at Deep Roots

Installation view of Get2Gether, a collaboration of Christa Freehands and Occular Odyssey, January 12–February 4, 2024, at Deep Roots Experience.

Bare My Soul is a collection of canvas works exploring vulnerability, truth, identity, and the space where they intersect. The works in this collection are interpretations of two nude models while exploring a series of journal questions designed to engage the creatives’ relationships with the above-mentioned concepts. As a result, the works are conscious imagery of our engagement with vulnerability in vulnerable circumstances.

Nude models act as muse for the participating artists, while journal questions help frame the perspective from which the works are created. Nudity being the embodiment of vulnerability in physical form, a set of ten questions challenges the perspective and thought process of the creating artists, layering physical nakedness with emotional bareness. Overall, the collection invites the viewer to experience their own vulnerabilities, connecting with a shared human condition.

  1. How does your cultural identity make you vulnerable?
  2. How does your personal identity make you vulnerable?
  3. How do you respond to others’ vulnerability?
  4. When or where do you feel the safest?
  5. Describe your engagement with/experience with arts education. Where/how did you learn to hone your creative voice?
  6. Define soul. Define faith. Define truth.
  7. What does your creative space consist of/look like?
  8. Describe how you felt during the model sessions.
  9. When are you most confident?
  10. Describe something you see as beautiful?

Barrier to Entry is an intentional presentation of low-cost artwork to introduce new and potential investors to collecting artwork. Price is often the primary roadblock for those with a desire to start a collection, but without a pathway to spend hundreds or thousands on works. Jae Capo offers a series of digital works featuring influential and important people in his and cultural history. Each print will be set at $75 with bundle pricing for multiple works.

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Bare My Soul, through April 14

Bare My Soul Artist Talk, March 7

Barrier to Entry, May 3

Dog Days at Deep Roots, spend a free day in the gallery with your pet every third Friday starting March 15

More Than Crayons kids art workshops, 10am-noon every third Saturday starting March 16. Free for all kids under 18