Art House: Living It, Breathing It

Building Confident Characters, with cloth, dye, clay, and glaze.

Between human resource concerns, facility issues, fundraising for critical arts programs and services and exciting new projects, there is little time to pause and reflect. Yet, images still percolate into dreams, while others stick along the fringes of awareness, occasionally pushing their way to the forefront of the mind.

Such is the case with past summer projects and events. Villages, large houses, monsters, and clocks all came alive as a result of a This Is Not a Box! Steam Camp session. Finding its way into a dream, one student’s project became a metaphor for the fallacy of linear time. The wall of drawings that kids engaged with for Building Confident Characters continues to resonate. Palpable and unforgettable are the expressions of delight in both the very young and the senior citizens who came to Art House, as they discovered color, texture, and form with cloth, dye, clay, and glaze.

Even throughout a career between various facets inside the art and culture world, sometimes art’s impact comes as a surprise. Whether by exposure or immersion, anticipated or unexpected, it manifests over time, often in subtle ways. Waking and in dream-life—there art is: unique, undeniable, and rich.

3119 Denison Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44109


Family Clay Day, 10am-noon Saturday, November 25

Family Open Studio, 1-3pm Saturdays, December 16 & January 20

Community Culture Night, TBD

Family Clay Day, 10am-noon Saturday, January 27

ABC Chili Cook-Off, 1-4pm Saturday, March 9

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