Maria Neil Art Project presents Crystal Miller: DRMWRLD

Diamond, by Crystal Miller

“I dream about a world that accepts me for who I am, fully. A world that not only uplifts but protects the lives of Black people. A place for my Black sisters to thrive and feel empowered. I am compelled to make work about this collective dream, and one day it shall become our reality.”– Crystal Miller

Crystal Miller (Cleveland Institute of Art, class of ’23) brings her opulent and Afro-futuristic lens to Maria Neil Art Project this fall. Just in time for the Waterloo Arts Fest, the gallery will be transformed into a luxuriant, otherworldly landscape full of bright colors and familiar imagery. With intention and purpose, Miller creates an escape from earthly realities by inviting the viewer into an experience that celebrates the freedom to be Black.

Crystal Miller is no stranger to creating, as she’s been creating all her life. A recent Cleveland Institute of Art graduate with a focus on painting, sculpture, and expanded media, her two-dimensional and three-dimensional works are a visual feast. The richness of Miller’s use of color and texture are equally measured in her ability to present an environment created for—and by—Black women. Strong, textured portraits lined with tulle and other voluminous fabrics are paired with bedazzled mugs, combs, and other miscellany. Miller’s desire to elevate the common and everyday showcases the future she wants to represent in her artwork and in reality. She’s previously stated that “I want my paintings to hopefully speak to Black people… letting them know they are represented, empowered, and cared for.”

You’ve never met a world like this one. Experience the magic of Black Imaginations starting on Friday, September 1, from 5 to 9 pm.

Learn more about Crystal Miller and her work by following her on social media:; Facebook: crystal.miller.338211; and Instagram: @crymuseum.

15517 Waterloo Road, Unit 1B
Cleveland, Ohio 44110


Crystal Miller: DRMWRLD, September 1–November 3

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