Inspiring Your City, and Keeping a Soul Busy

The most recently completed Inspire Your City mural, at 3372 East 93. Photos by Sabri Samad (@Enigmtc.Creator)

The multi-mural, multi-media venture known as Inspire Your City continues to grow and evolve with Mr. Soul’s ambitions. First reported in CAN Journal in Spring 2023, when the first of five murals was completed at Uniek Kreations, 12814 Buckeye Road, the project will eventually result in five murals and a documentary, and its themes are spinning into other current projects. Since that first report, a second mural at 3372 East 93rd Street (near Marah Road) has been completed. A third is in progress, at East 126th and Buckeye Road.

The murals’ literacy theme was highlighted in a book giveaway in July, in partnership with Cleveland Public Library, Cleveland Reads, and Literacy in the Hood.

Meanwhile, the theme of inspiration has spilled into an exhibition Mr. Soul curated in Atlanta: Inspired by … A Message in the Music featured multiple Cleveland artists, including Mike Miller (Green Light Tattoo), DayzWhun (Red Lion Tattoo), Christa Freehands, Asia Armour, Aldonte Flonnoy, and Jonomadic.

Mister Soul at work. Photos by Sabri Samad (@Enigmtc.Creator)

In August, DayzWhun and Mr. Soul brought together a group of artists to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop during an Inspire Your City block party at 4030 Studios.

As if all that weren’t enough to keep a soul busy, the artist recently completed a series of graphic installations at RTA bus stops in the Union-Miles neighborhood, honoring Black leaders such as Carl and Louis Stokes, Stephanie Tubbs Jones, and Barack Obama. Also in the works: two murals at Cleveland Public Auditorium.


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