SIE at CIA: Back, and as Always, Brand New

Assless Chaps by Frank Hadzima, a playful and wearable sculpture made of found jeans and felt, earned a Board Honorable Mention award during Student Independent Exhibition 75 in 2021.

Regular attendees of the Cleveland Institute of Art’s (CIA) annual Student Independent Exhibition (SIE) know that no two years are alike. In fact, that’s part of the show’s draw.

Organized entirely by students, who choose jurors and mount the exhibition, SIE is one of CIA’s most popular traditions. Why? It showcases work from all of CIA’s majors, and as a result, provides a completely unique experience year after year.

“I think the diversity of work is always the goal with SIE. You never know what we’re going to get from students each year, and subsequently, what the student-elected jurors will pick,” says Painting senior Frank Hadzima, an SIE 77 committee chair. “The wonderful thing about SIE is that it’s completely different every year, so even if you think you’ve seen it before, you really haven’t.”

Northeast Ohioans can get their first glimpse of SIE 77 during an opening reception from 6 to 9 pm on Friday, February 17 in Reinberger Gallery. Awards will be announced at 7 pm that night, and SIE will remain on view through March 19.

Discipline is pleasure pleasure is discipline, Zoë Taylor, letterpress on BFK Reeves, edition of 5, 8 X 6 inches, 2022.

SIE offers viewers an opportunity to engage with emerging artists and their work, which collectively reflects the issues, concepts, and focuses of CIA’s student community, says Reinberger Gallery Director Nikki Woods.

“I think what’s really amazing about the show is that it represents so many diverse opinions and artistic strategies, yet they always seem to strike a harmony,” she says. “The students are incredibly supportive and respectful of each other’s work, and I think that’s what helps create that harmony through the discord. Working together to produce this exhibition is an exercise in building creative community.”

Regarding that creative community, Painting senior Zoë Taylor—chair of three SIE 77 committees—says SIE is a great opportunity for students to see and interact with the work of their peers on a professional level.

“Seeing work that maybe you saw or talked about in a class hung up on the gallery wall is incredibly motivating and encouraging,” she says. “Seeing the work as a gallery visitor provides a wonderfully curated glimpse into the diverse breadth of work and innovation that the CIA community cultivates.”

Woods expects big things from SIE 77.

“I’m excited to support this cohort of students. This year’s seniors are resilient, intentional, empathetic and daring—a combination that’s magic for making good work,” she says. “I don’t know what to expect, but I know it’ll be worth experiencing.”

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