The Season of Weaving, at Praxis

Praxis Fiber Studio

It is not too often that we have a weaving-focused exhibition in our gallery, despite being a textile organization with a focus in weaving. We showcase a diverse range of processes within our medium across our four to six exhibitions per year. Visitors experience works in sculpture, fashion and installation that all have a tie to the field of contemporary textiles. After spending time in the gallery, it is the workshop filled with looms that most intrigue our guests. With our current exhibition Embedded, the connection between our most popular class, Introduction to Weaving, and the artwork in the gallery is strong and vibrant.

Embedded, an exhibition at Praxis Fiber Workshop, is a selection of three artists working within the medium of textiles, who use weaving primarily as a conceptual tool to confront the human experience. Fiber as a material relates directly to our own bodies, made up of protein and cells. It also connects us to the natural world, while highlighting environmental concerns caused by the overwhelming presence of synthetic materials used to make our clothing today.

Using weaving as a method of communication in this way is significant, as it is a slow-moving process that allows for deep reflection and meditation by the maker, and slower, intentional reflection for the viewer. We invite the audience to discover how fiber and textiles are deeply embedded into our psyche and lives. The end of this exhibition is paired with our most popular course: Introduction to Weaving with instructor Sarah McMahon. We hope the skillful work displayed in Embedded, created by artists Bryana Bibbs, Andrea Vail, and Sam Dienst, inspires you to explore weaving for the first time.

Documentation of Embedded, works by Bryana Bibbs, Andrea Vail, and Sam Dienst, on April 2, 2022 at Praxis Fiber Workshop at 15301 Waterloo Rd, Cleveland, OH 44110



15301 Waterloo Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44110

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