Art Books Cleveland presents Leaves and Leaving


Shari Wolf, Leaf Book

 Art Books Cleveland will have its first post-pandemic in-person show at the Morgan Paper Conservatory. Running from October 8 to November 20, the show’s theme is Leaves and Leaving and will reflect all the meanings of leaves both as noun and verb. Many of the works will feature Morgan handmade paper.

Leaves and Leaving was originally scheduled for fall 2020. The pandemic interfered, as it did for so many art exhibits. However, members continued to produce works focused on the theme, as well as an array of pieces related to their experiences of the pandemic, quarantine, and reflection during difficult times. These works will be included as a second focus of the fall show.

Laura Martin, Pandemic Forest Series, BR Bird Tree, cut paper

The Morgan show will be followed by a spring show at the Beachwood Community Center, sponsored by the Beachwood Arts Council. That show will provide an overview of a wide array of book-related art, with discussion of book arts as a unique and expansive category of artistic expression.

Both shows demonstrate the wide range of expression found in the book form. Some of the pieces, like the hand-cut piece by Laura Martin, Pandemic Forest: BR Bird Tree, represent single pages—or leaves—that, gathered together as a collection, might form the basis for a book. Other pieces, like Shari Wolf’s leaf collage book, reflect traditional book structure used to present innovative and interpretive reflections on the theme. And some, like Phyllis Brody’s Taking Flight, rethink the notion of book structures.

Phyllis Brody, Taking Flight

Because of their varied structures, book art benefits from in-person viewing. Many of the pieces are intended to be held and manipulated: pages turn revealing new perspectives. While quite a few ABC members very successfully participated in virtual shows during the pandemic, the group welcomes the opportunity to hold in-person viewings of their work. To take greater advantage of the in-person experience, opportunities for artists and patrons to interact will be offered throughout the show run dates.





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