Deep Roots Presents Bee1ne and SheArt3

The artist, Bee1ne.

Bee1ne Solo Show: Ghetto Heroes

Bryant “Bee1ne” Anthony explores the things and people who have inspired and shaped him as an artist and a person. Ghetto Heroes is a living exhibition that will see additions throughout the course of the show. Several series within this exhibition, Ghetto Heroes provides context to the meaning behind Bee1ne’s unique style.

SheArt3: Transcend

SheArt3: Transcend is the third installation in an annual exhibition of artwork from Black and Brown women. SheArt was born out of the support that Black and Brown woman have given Deep Roots from its birth. This year we ask the artist to explore what it looks like to embrace your greatness and step into your purpose. Transcend is an intimate exploration of how Black and Brown women visualize their ascendence to leaders in business, politics, service, and—of course—art.

Both at Deep Roots Experience: Curating the Culture.

Deep Roots Experience
7901 Central Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44104