Mauersberger and Graham: Screenscapes at ARTneo

Tectonic Blocks, Christine Mauersberger and Evan Graham, Screen Print on Wood, 10 X 15 X 1.5 inches, 2020.

ARTneo’s CAN Triennial exhibition prize was awarded to Christine Mauersberger in July 2018. The exhibit opened November 20, 2020, and remains on view this Spring.

CAN Journal spoke to Mauersberger when she and collaborator Evan Graham were in the process of creating new work, via screen print. They have recently migrated from printing on paper to printing on wood.

The silkscreen prints in this exhibit are monotypes. Mauersberger designs the imagery in a vector program and Graham edits. Together, they make decisions about image placement and color, while considering anticipated outcomes. Their collaborative prints evoke vibrational patterns and harmonic shapes at various proportions, from small 5-inch-square tiles to large 5-foot-long wood panels.

The gallery is open during each Third Friday from 5:00pm to 8:00pm, and by appointment. Contact Dan Bush at to make an appointment.