Winter Exhibitions at HEDGE Gallery


HEDGE-Untitled (1)_Dante RodriguezDavid King and Dante Rodriguez will be exhibiting their most recent paintings and prints in an exhibition titled NEBULA on view at the Gallery through December 29. The two Cleveland artists’ paintings and prints are focused on finding truth in obscurity, whether through historical references or self-reflection.

King’s vivid oil and pastel works capture memories of family history. Photo and film snippets from the past are translated through bright almost surrealist color into his contemporary paintings. Rodriguez explores symbols of identity through his most recent series of monoprints, creating rich, layered line work and patterns that reference facial features, cultural fashion trends, and imagery of masks.

“Memories are a distant cloud formation that we are on a constant quest to solidify. Our murky images of the past and the future appear in our fluid creative consciousness. We are exploring the vague and distant subconscious to re-contextualize personal contemporary meanings and symbols of identity.” —David King and Dante Rodriguez

HEDGE Gallery opens a Solo Exhibition for textile artist Rebecca Cross, paired with signature furniture designs by Kevin Busta on Friday, January 19.

Cross’ silk installations have become an outlet for the artist to solidify memories, whether they be her own or those of natural objects she collects along Ohio and New York beaches. Pieces of found wood, stone and slate get bound into silk, wrapped, tied and dyed then released, creating intricate shapes that stay bound within the fabric, through the silk shibori dyeing process.

The diverse textures created in Cross’ silk pieces, as well as the shadows that are created when they are hung, work as meditative mediums for viewer and artist to relate to life’s many crossroads, some peaceful, others rough terrain.

Working with Rebecca Cross over the last three years has been a learning experience on how to view textile work in its fine art context while experimenting with how it fits into the world of design. Rebecca has worked to carefully create pieces for interior design and staging projects through HEDGE Gallery, never losing her essence of signature art making.

Rebecca’s techniques are similar to those of Cleveland designer Kevin Busta, who repurposes industrial cast offs and scrap metal into sleek, stylized functional pieces. Busta’s recent furniture and other designs will be paired with Rebecca Cross’ ethereal installations, allowing two opposite materials, silk and steel, to form a new dialogue and intricate relationship.