A Wide-Range of Art This Summer at Gallery+

Gallery+  showcases two guest artists every month:

Mark Common, Standing Water March

Mark Common, Standing Water March

Mark Common (closing at June Third Friday) Born in Cleveland in 1956, Common studied under Douglas Unger, retired Professor of Art at Kent State University and has been painting landscapes since 1996. He started with chalk pastels and switched almost entirely to oil painting by 2000/2001. Inspiration for his subjects come from his youth and the many hours he spent alone in the woods and fields exploring. People, or evidence of them in his paintings are rare and usually subtle. Common likes the feeling of being alone in nature and attempts to convey that in his paintings. Be sure not to miss the close of Mark Common’s show.


Elaine K. Dowling (Opening at June Third Friday) Elaine began her art training in 1994 at Cuyahoga Community College, with the intention of adding graphic design to her freelance writing background. However, classes in drawing and design — along with some excellent instructors — developed her interest in fine art. Her watercolor and acrylic paintings include still-lifes, landscapes, abstracts, and figure paintings. She believes in “art for life” — which is why a portion of the purchase price of her paintings is donated for cancer research. Gallery+ presents some of her abstract and semi-abstract works.


Allison Liffman (Opening at July Third Friday) Allison Liffman is a Modern Pop Figurative artist who’s bold vibrant style stands out among today’s pop artists. She holds a BFA from Syracuse University, and a Graphic Design degree from the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago. Specializing in fine art and illustration using acrylic to produce vibrant dynamic images, she is always looking for something new to inspire her, allowing the world around her to be her muse. Best known for her modern pinup style work, Liffman’s paintings are very modern with traditional elements. Visit Gallery+ to see pieces from her “Spirit and Mind” collection.


Anthony Mitri (Opening at August Third Friday) A Cleveland native, Anthony Mitri been drawing and painting most of his life. Before focusing strictly on the realistic charcoal drawings he is know for, Mitri was living in Normandy, France. While there, from 2000-2002, he completed a series of 22 abstract landscape paintings. He was experimenting with a technique of building up many layers of very thin oil washes and combining that with charcoal. The primary subject matter for these paintings is either round hay bales or bare trees containing large spherical masses of mistletoe (“gui” in French) hanging suspended from their branches, like ornaments hung on a Christmas tree. Be sure to come to the opening this wonderful show.




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Hours: Third Fridays 5 – 9pm.

Third Sundays noon – 3 pm

And by appointment.


Guest Artists:

Mark Common:  Closes June 16, 2017

Elaine K. Dowling: June 16, 2017 – July 23.2017

Allison Liffman: July 21, 2017 – August 20, 2017

Anthony Mitri: Opens August 18, 2017