Corcoran Fine Arts presents: New Directions: Langston Wesley, Contemporary Cleveland School

The paintings and drawings of Langston Wesley, a Cleveland resident who attended Stanford University, will be featured at a gallery opening at Corcoran Fine Arts through July 15.

Langston Wesley, 79 95 (Chicago)

Langston Wesley, 79 95 (Chicago)

Langston’s artistic endeavors started with drawings he produced spontaneously during his early years. Langston, an African American, spent his childhood on Chicago’s South Side. Without formal training, he immersed himself in the world of contemporary art and simultaneously began drawing and painting. Subtle references to other contemporary artists appear with some frequency in his work. Basquiat is prevalent among them. Not really as appropriation, but as points of reference and homages.


Langston’s work evolved rapidly during his time at Hopewell and thereafter. His new work is dominated by a strong and self-assured aesthetic, challenging images, and subject matter rendered in diverse, often bright, brilliant colors. Langston presents us with a very distinct and personal vision of abstract expressionism.

Langston Wesley, Jesus

Langston Wesley, Jesus

Over 20 of Langston’s paintings and drawings are on view in the gallery. They are colorful, bold, verbal, and conceptual. Large-scale works predominate.


Many of the works refer to the life of the artist, his own interior conflicts, and his facing the challenges of life as an emerging artist. Although personal in origin, his insights reach out to touch us all.


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