Women in Reverie

Before I learned to paint, I played the piano, and the songs I enjoyed the most were not the ones with crashing crescendos and fortissimos, but rather the quiet Reveries. Those dreamlike pieces of music led me to a place of inner peace and reflection. Likewise, as a painter, I have enjoyed capturing on canvas the same dreamlike “states of reverie” similar to my favorite expressions in music.


As a portrait and figurative painter, I’ve worked with live models for forty years, painting women in quiet repose and seeking to capture that sacred moment of reflection and meditation. In the show, “Women in Reverie,” I invite viewers to explore the mystery and solace of a woman’s inner world.


In today’s busy world, moments of reflection and stillness can be fleeting, as the modern woman is often caught up in a whirlwind of obligations to family, career and community. Even with all of its wonderful tools and benefits, technology may also become yet another source of social and spiritual distraction.

 Tricia Kaman, “Serene” 24” x 18”, oil

Tricia Kaman, “Serene” 24” x 18”, oil

My goal in this exhibition is to address moments of reflection and contemplation as a thing of beautiful necessity. Working with female models requires setting aside time and space for the artist, the model and also the viewer. That time and space is where the magic of the “quiet moment” resides.


As the artist, the act of painting portraits as well as landscapes and still life creates a portal into a place of inner peace, similar to what I found as a child playing reveries on the piano. Whether I am painting outdoors “en plein air” or painting portraits in my studio, I have an attachment to the subject. The finished work enables the viewer, to see through my eyes.  Each model is gifted with a time to be still and quiet, to enjoy her thoughts undisturbed by the demands of the world. The viewer is given that same time and space inside the walls of the gallery, where they are surrounded by women in reverie. The paintings will not judge, talk to, or make demands of the observer. Rather, these images gently encourage the viewer to find inner stillness and reflection.

As part of the oldest women’s college in Ohio, I am so pleased that the Wasmer Gallery at Ursuline College will be hosting Women in Reverie from January 13 through February 17, 2017.  I hope many will find a quiet moment to come and enjoy this exhibition.


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Women in Reverie: January 13 – February 17, 2017 at Wasmer Gallery, Ursuline College, 2550 Lander Road, Pepper Pike, Ohio 44124

Opening Reception:  5 – 8 pm Friday, January 13

Free Lecture: 11 am – noon Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Workshop: 1 – 4 pm Tuesday, January 31, 2017