Distinctive Practice

The Galleries at CSU are happy to present four one-person exhibitions of works by contemporary artists with a strong connection to Cleveland. Each of the presenting artists works in a medium distinctive to their practice, which also happens to be perfectly suited to their artistic concerns.

In the North Gallery, Riparazioni (Reparations): Meditations on the Fullness of Being (Woman), Anne Kmieck installs eleven embroidered dresses and other works that pay homage to lives of twelve historic women whose significant contributions to the Church and society have largely gone unappreciated.

In the Center Gallery Miriam Norris Omura explores how memories are layered, and how we cannot clearly see the past. In Ghosts and Strangers, Omura adapts a weaving/dyeing/re-weaving technique pioneered by Hildur Asgeirsdóttir Jónsson, with whom Omura studied while living in Cleveland. Using personal, historic photographs as a starting point, she explores her family history and what gets lost in translation.

Susan Squires presents her signature encaustic geometric abstractions in the South Gallery, introducing a new body of work in an exhibition titled From There To Here.

In the Media Room, independent filmmaker Robert Banks presents Placeholder Cinema, a selection of film and video works of the past decade.



The Galleries at Cleveland State University

1307 Euclid Avenue

Cleveland, Ohio 44115




The 22nd People’s Art Show: October 28, December 8, 2016, Opening Reception 5 – 8 pm Friday October 28, 5-8pm

Anne Kmieck: Riparazioni: January 20, to February 25, 2017, North Gallery

Miriam Norris Omura: Ghosts and Strangers: January 20, to February 25, 2017, Center Gallery

Susan Squires: From There to Here: January 20, to February 25, 2017, South Gallery

Robert Banks: Placeholder Cinema: January 20, to February 25, 2017, Media Room

Opening Reception 5 – 8 pm Friday February 15

The Curious Case of Color: March 10, to April 15, 2017, Opening Reception 5 – 8 pm Friday March 10


Gallery Hours:

Tuesday – Thursday 12pm to 5pm