The Democracy of Print: Freeing the Ink at Zygote Press


For centuries, printmaking has been considered the most democratic of all art forms. Starting with the invention of the Gutenberg Press, printmaking has allowed information to be disseminated to the masses so everyone could enjoy and understand the communication of political, personal and societal ideas. To leverage the political discourse motivated by the RNC, Zygote delivers countless ways to get involved with printmaking’s democracy.


For 20 years, Zygote has been that consistent and enthusiastic place here in NEO. Our East 30th Street fine art print shop is a space for experimentation and development, while our production space, Ink House in Collinwood, has welcomed new and seasoned makers. We take Democracy and collaboration seriously at Zygote and are thrilled and honored to offer International and regional artists the widest array of programs and services that inspire and challenge.


Zygote demonstrates this commitment to social activism and the grand experiment that through art, teaching, community organizing, hosting resident artists, and collaborating collectively- that “Freeing the INK “ is for everyone. Zygote’s line up of tremendous local and visiting artists squeezes all we can do into 20 free events onsite and ‘in the field’ at festivals, art fairs, artist presentations and exhibitions.


From Alaska to Germany, Zygote welcomes artists in residence and in exchange, through the Rasmuson Foundation Alaskan Residency and the Ohio Arts Council’s Dresden Exchange. We welcome Fairbanks native, Sarah Tabbert, and Dresdeners, Suntje Sagerer & Katharina Seidlitz. The NEA funded residency artist is Sage Dawson (St. Louis) and AIR resident Darius Steward (Cleveland). Zygote’s artist heading to Dresden is Kate Snow (Cleveland Heights). Claudio Giacone Orso (Oberlin) travels to Homer’s Bunnell Arts Street Center.


Zygote’s game-changing greening of our shop provided us with new vision, and we aim to extend this conversation to a larger democratic community through the GREEN GROWTH SYMPOSIUM. This symposium is designed for both individual artists and organizations.  Panelists include other multidisciplinary artists who have integrated successful green practices into their work and creative businesses. The organizational panel will focus on sustainability models and changes institutions can make with presenters from the George Gund Foundation, the City of Cleveland’s Sustainability Office, the NEO Regional Sewer District, and Green City Blue Lake, sharing their insights and research.


All the Free the Ink programs are free and open to the public. Come and see Zygote at Rooms-to-Let (Slavic Village), the Asian Fest, Parade the Circle, CMA Centennial, the Waterloo Arts Fest, Weapons of Mass Creation and the CMA Fine Art Print Fair. We continue promoting the power of print with our ‘Make and Take’ campaign, which takes our process far and wide to kids, families, and revolutionaries who want make an impression of their own and join in on voicing their own ideas and opinions through the awesome process of print.


Sara  Tabbert: Rasmuson Artist–in-Residence at Zygote Press: June 1-July 30

Breakfast with Sarah Tabbert: Free the Ink: Artist Talk: 10 – noon Saturday, June 4

Think Box: Show and Tell tour and Pop-Up Exhibition and reception at Ink House- 1 – 3 pm Saturday, June 18

Green Growth Symposium: noon – 4 pm Saturday, July 16

Rasmuson Artist Exchange Exhibition Amy Casey, Elizabeth Emery & Sarah Tabbert: July 8 – 28. Reception 6-8 pm  Friday, July 8

Sage Dawson: Artist in Residence, August 1-13; Artist Presentation 10 am – noon August 6

Katharina Seidlitz & Suntje Sagerer, Artist in Residence Dresden Exchange Program sponsored by the Ohio Arts Council: August 17  – September 21


Zygote Press

1410 East 30th Street

Cleveland, Ohio 44114